• Travel Dog Carrier - On Wheels Puppy Bag Black, Brown

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Travel Dog Carrier - On Wheels Puppy Bag Black, Brown

Although getting to the airport with lots of time to spare is preferred, sometimes for those early morning flights, that is just not an option. With this multifunctional rolling dog carrier in either brown or black, at least one part of your day will be stress free! 

When you’ve checked a bag or are just traveling a little lighter, this puppy carrier is a great option to roll throughout the airport. It not only serves as a roller bag, but a backpack and even a car seat for your canine! Multi purpose items are one of the best things to have when looking towards a long day of travel. Dual pockets mean you can even carry some of your own items you want easy access to while on the flight!

When traveling, comfort is one of the most important things. Lay down one of the Katie Companion Puppy Blankets in the puppy carrier in preparation for the ever-changing temperature of airports and planes. So, you don’t have to sweat it when it comes to how you’re going to feed your little guy, pack the collapsible Travel Dog Bowl in the pockets for whenever he gets hungry.

Functions as a roller bag, backpack, and even as a car seat for your pet! Very functional and ideal for stress free travel with your pet. Roller bag functions include a retractable two-stop handle and detachable roller wheels. Also comes with comfortable backpack straps that also detach.

The Rio also allows for maximum ventilation and exposure, interior bedding for extra cushioning and comfort, an interior safety leash for added protection, and a front compartment with dual pockets for your own accessories.

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Size Chart: 16"(L) 13"(W) 10.5"(H)