Dog Bowls

Finest Dog Emporium

You put the time and energy into making your home a showcase of your personal style. There’s no reason you can’t include your favorite puppy’s practical home furnishings in the mix. With the selections you find at Canine Styles, fitting your poochie’s dog carrier, couture coats and other accessories into your décor is easy and fun. Styles change, so when you redecorate, don’t forget to add top-quality, practical and pretty designer dog bowls, blankets, beds and other accoutrements to match your sensibilities and the latest trends.

New Luxury Collections

Only dog bowls made of beautiful ceramic or stainless steel can protect your puppy’s favorite foods from flavor changes. If your best friend is a bigger pooch, choose raised dog bowls to suit his statuesque form. Automatic dog feeders work well to feed your fussy best friend. Easy for you, easy for him, and he’ll always be well-fed. You may already dress to impress with designer leashes and luxury dog sweaters. So after a nice morning walk, give your pooch a cool drink of filtered water and a snack set out in a gorgeous set of designer dog bowls.

Dog Bowls and Designer Dog Bowls

Your dog’s bowl should blend seamlessly with your kitchen and lifestyle. Nothing takes away from a beautifully designed kitchen than an old, plastic dog feeder on the floor. Once you pick the type of Canine Styles bowl that suits your bestie, you can splurge on the details that fit with your own style and décor.

Give a dog with an old soul a European dog bowl with superb detailing in gorgeous colors that blend beautifully with your own gregarious style. Or go with the trendier mix of designer dog bowls that lean towards the sleek and clean lines you prefer. Commemorate a trip to Paris with a sophisticated le bon chien bowl. Dog bowls don’t have to be the dirty little secrets that only come out when no one’s looking — have fun and feed your furry friends from doggie bowls that give you the best of both worlds: fashion and function.