Canine Styles Grooming

The original Canine Styles shop at 830 Lexington Avenue is the oldest continuous dog grooming establishment in Manhattan, with fifty years experience satisfying the world’s most discriminating dogs and their owners.


A full grooming with our master groomers by scissor cut includes a brush out, a high quality shampoo bath and conditioner rinse, full blow out by hand dryer ONLY and the cut itself. Also included are nail cutting and sanitation clip.

No cage dryers or sedatives of any kind will be used and no rough handling is tolerated. All our grooming stations are visible to the public at all times and we treat every animal as we would treat our own. That is the Canine Styles Service Guarantee.


Our bath includes a high quality shampoo bath and nail cutting.

In between full groomings we offer BATH PLUSES that include a high quality shampoo bath and conditioner rinse, sanitation clips, nail cutting and full blow outs.

Generally speaking three hours is the length of the visit for a full grooming, but of course we will keep and care for your dog longer to accommodate your schedule.

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Flagship Store 212-838-2064

830 Lexington (63rd & 64th), New York
Uptown 212-472-9440

1195 Lexington (81st & 82nd), New York
Westside 212-799-9799

2200 Broadway (78th & 79th), New York