Grooming — A Half Century of Grooming

Since 1959 Canine Styles has been the preeminent dog groomer on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a tradition of excellence that has expanded over the years to the West Side and the West Village. With the acquisition of famed Karen’s For People & Pets, Canine Styles brought together in one established chain New York’s most beloved and acclaimed Master Groomers. If it is the art of GROOMING you are in search for, look no farther. We are not an establishment interested in offering anything but the best to both our owners and their pets. Each of our groomers work by appointment and dedicate the necessary amount of time to achieve the perfect look each owner desires.

All of our Full standard grooming include nail trim with filing, brushing/combing/light dematting, bath, hand blow dry and master haircut either by scissors, clippers or hand plucking. We still believe in grooming the old fashion way, by HAND!

We also offer just Bathing which includes nails and sanitary to maintain your puppies in between full grooming, and for those pups who do not require hair cutting. We also have on staff the city’s finest practitioners of the fine art of hand scissor cutting and hand stripping, which is the only proper way to keep a terrier’s or wire coat in perfect form.

Whether a Yorkie, Maltese, Wired Haired Doxi, Shih Tzu or a Standard Poodle, Canine Styles ensures the best cut in every class, always the best in show!

The Grooming Process

Canine Styles does not use cage dryers. We offer a full line of medicated shampoos for bathing and skin treatment.  In our 54 years of always trying to bring the finest grooming care to our clients we still do things as we always have. We take the time to brush out each pet completely before bathing and follow a Multi-Step Process: 2 Steps for a Bath Appointment and 3 Steps for a Full Grooming

Step 1 –  Brush & Bathe.
Our bathers always put cotton in each pet’s ears before they go into the bath to ensure that no water enters the ears. Canine Styles only uses the highest quality shampoos and conditioners. Our house products include the full  La Pooch line, Virbac Oatmeal and Tropiclean products.

Step 2 –  Dry & Brush by Hand.  
Our fluffers take the time to individually hand blow dry each pet. This gives us the opportunity to make sure the hair is completely dry and blown out in order for our groomers to achieve the perfect cut to each client’s specifications.  This process also allows us to make sure any matting has been removed as we are able to check both by brush and comb to reveal matting that rest under the top coat. 

Step 3 –  Master Grooming.  
One of Canine Styles’ Master Groomers delivers the requested styling as specified by and in consultation with the client.  It has always been our philosophy that we are here to deliver what our clients want.  Our groomers average 7 to 8 full groomings per day, all prepatory work being done by the Bathers & Fluffers.  In all our locations we take appointments between 8:30 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon.  The standard is to keep your pet for 3 to 4 hours for a full grooming and to complete our 3 Step process.  We spread each groomers bookings over the course of the day to avoid keeping any pet longer than necessary, though we are always happy to keep your pet comfortable and safe until you can arrange pick-up.

Please call your nearest Canine Styles and feel free to come in and watch our Fluffers and Groomers as they work. You are welcome to meet our groomers and staff who are happy to answer any questions you may have.  In all four locations clients are able to see right into the grooming area as the work is being done. We feel it is important that everyone see exactly what and how we work when we are taking care of your very special pets.

Thank you for trusting us with your pet.
Mark Drendel & Chad Conway