About Us


Established in 1959, Canine Styles is New York's oldest and finest dog emporium with world-class grooming and an exclusive line of products manufactured for and by Canine Styles to bring you the benefit of over fifty years serving dogs and their owners. All of our signature items have been designed with unrivalled attention to detail, a painstaking focus on fit and usefulness and a flair for traditional, classic but up-to-date design.

Now with three locations in New York city, the fashion capital of the world, Canine Styles produces two new collections a year and has been featured in Vogue, 0 Magazine, In Style, The New York Times Style Section and on the Today Show. In addition, we are constantly updating our website to bring you the very best selection of dog toys, clothing, coats & sweaters, collars, leashes, harnesses, dog beds, carriers, bowls, dog ID tags, and every conceivable necessity and luxury for your dog. Welcome to the world of Canine Styles - the world's only Dog Lifestyle Brand.

Mark Drendel & Chad Conway, Proprietors


“I just received your 4 legged pink fleece track suit for my shih-tzu Joey and it is by far the best coat I have bought her in 12 years! I have been looking endlessly for a 4 legged coat that would come down to her paws to no avail. FINALLY I saw yours and absolutely LOVE it! Just moved from NYC to Vermont so this is perfect! Thanks for making a top notch product. Joey loves it too!” – Kerri

"I have gone to so MANY dog groomers PetLand, PetCo and so forth and they have always messed up my yorkie's cuts. Hands Down Canine Styles is the Winner! ELLA is The One! She has done it right every time and is a great listener. I've also purchased clothing at other places. Yes Canine is a little pricey but worth every penny because of the quality!!!! Thank you for all that you do!!!!"

“I purchased one of your horseblanket coats for my Shih Tzu and it is absolutely wonderful. The main reason we purchased it was because we crisscrossed the belts and it clears his pee-pee and doesn’t get wet! Just wanted to say the quality and comfort of your coats are wonderful.” – Joan

“I love your store!” – Shamaily

“My little 13-year old Pom was groomed at the new location today by Annie. I live close to the shop and have stopped in several times. The staff is friendly, helpful and professional. But I’m writing in praise of Annie’s talents as a groomer. My Chia was a mess! Not groomed for three months and hardly brushed because I spent the summer getting her well after diagnosis of painful disc disease. Good news at vet last week was a clean bill of health, but a messy dog now ready and healthy enough for brushing and grooming! I am so thrilled by the beautiful work Annie performed on Chia. Her talent with scissor cut is amazing.” – Andrea

“Canine Styles is really the best of the best and they will take incredibly good care of your dog. Mark and Chad, the owners, have built an impeccable reputation in NYC as being thoughtful and professional dog caretakers. I am positive Canine Styles will take the best care of Maxwell and his bad back and you will grow to love the people that work at Canine Styles.” – Jane

“We recently purchased a black Nantucket Sweater for our chihuahua, Miss Priss. She loves it. We really appreciate the quality, style, and fit. Merry Christmas from Santa Fe.” – Nicoletta, Miss Priss, And Mr. Priss

“Thank you so much for the tip to bring Maxwell to Canine Styles Downtown for grooming. They did an awesome job and he left a very happy little puppy!!!!! A+.” – Jennifer

“You Guys are wonderful! I came in looking for the right toys for my friend’s weimaraners. Both girls are very picky so I asked the lady at the counter if she would be able to help me find the right toy for them. She suggested a quacking duck and a ball. They both looooved the duck so much they both fight for it and go after the quacker. I would like to thank you very much for your help – your staff was very knowledgable and helpful!” – Shavdara

“Just wanted to let you know that we were lucky enough to take Spencer and Caitlin to your store and we had a blast splurging on fun things. Anna in your West Side store helped us and she was wonderful. Teddy adores the new bed that we got for him, and it is (so far, knock wood) the first one he has not torn to shreds so apparently he recognizes quality when he sees it, as he only tears apart the cheapo beds we got at chain stores (I guess he was offended that we got them for him). We will definitely hit your store again (Spencer is pushing for a winter coat for Teddy next year)!” – Michelle

“I discovered your wonderful store today and wish I had something half as terrific in California. My intent was to pick up a few things at Zabar’s and ended up spending my money at Canine Styles. Compliments to you and especially for your store manager… she is special. Every trip to NYC will include one to your store!” – Vivian

“I love your company!!! I live in California and I have 2 dogs that I spoil through your website. Great service!” – Mecca

“Wow! I just wanted to say that I have already received that orange tartan collar that was just ordered on the 9th… talk about SUPER FAST! It’s perfect for my new Scottie ‘Duffy’ – thank you so much!” – LM

“I want to thank the people at the Lexington Avenue shop for their assistance in exchanging the 2 dog sweaters I bought for larger sizes – and coordinating the exchange to Australia. We will shop at Canine Styles whenever in NYC, and we come often.” – Cristina

“My Old English Sheepdogs love the coats I have purchased from you. You absolutely make the BEST coats – they are they warm but also stylish. My dogs are the best-dressed above all other dogs. Thank you for making my dogs comfortable.” – Patricia