Dog Blankets & Mats

Finest Dog Emporium

When you shop for clothing and home furnishings, you won’t settle for just any old store. Style, quality, luxury and class are paramount — so don’t settle for anything less for your cherished pet. New York City’s Canine Styles has a 50-year tradition of upholding the high standards you expect. Whether your canine companion’s style is modern, trendy, classic or subtly chic, Canine Styles offers unique products — from designer dog coats and backpacks to designer beds and seasonal wear — to enhance the posh life of your pet.

New Luxury Collections

Canine Styles is truly a house of fashion for the tail-wagging elite. Twice a year, Canine Styles introduces exclusive collections for your valued companion. This online catalogue is always up-to-date with the best in leashes, identification tags, bowls, toys, and more to keep your pet pampered, safe, and happy. Check out Canine Styles’ line of luxury pet blankets and mats, so your dog can always rest in the lap of luxury.

Luxury Dog Blankets and Mats

You know the value of luxurious bedding, and Canine Styles offers a divine selection of pet blankets and dog mats. Luxury dog mats are carefully designed to fit snugly inside a crate or to be used alone for an extra layer of comfort and elegance in your companion’s “home inside a home.” With rich Sherpa wool on one side and your choice of fabrics on the other — from rugged corduroy to fashionable cotton prints to match your home decor — these mats are both versatile and stylish.

While you’re thinking about ways to keep your pet cozy, don’t forget about luxury blankets. Whether your poochie loves the feel of a security blanket in his bed or you’re looking for ways to keep away the chill, our pet blankets have you — and your companion — covered. These blankets are made from the finest materials: silky-soft cashmere, snuggly polar fleece, and even fabulous faux fur. Your four-legged friend will love the feeling of the plush fabrics as he snuggles in for the night, and you’ll love knowing that you’re giving your canine family member the very best in comfort and luxury.