• Dog Sweater - Wool Floral, Cranberry Dog Sweaters
  • Dog Sweater - Wool Floral, Cranberry Dog Sweaters

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Dog Sweater - Wool Floral, Cranberry Dog Sweaters

Freshly cut grass, running through sprinklers, and long walks as the sun sets. It’s no wonder our furry friends love the summertime! For the sweet little girls who wish it was summer all the time, this beautiful cranberry dog sweater might just be the perfect thing to get her through the cold and bitter months.

This Wool Floral, Cranberry Dog Sweater is a part of the luxury and designer Dog Sweaters collection.

The 100 percent wool makeup of this dog sweater ensures that pups sizes 8" to 18" can always feel like the sun is giving them a great big hug. The flowers nod to the desire for a warmer climate but your pup won’t be cold with this sweater in her life!

To add to the simulated summer vibe this dog sweater will create, try out the Wagwear White Summer Tote. This can be great for short trips with your pet so it feels like it’s going to the beach every day! And better yet — it’s canvas, so no one can tell you it’s out of season!

For a kitschy nod to the summer season, the Dog Julio Tequila Plush Toy will transport you to a warm tropical destination sipping your favorite poolside drink. While simultaneously, your pooch will be enjoying a fun new chew toy; the definition of a win-win!


Katie is 15lbs and is wearing the 14" Floral sweater.

Size 8", 12" and 14" Cranberry is SOLD OUT!!!

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