• Bauer Pottery | Small Feeding | Dog Bowl | Pet Bowl

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Bauer Pottery | Small Feeding | Dog Bowl | Pet Bowl

Never sacrifice style! You shouldn’t ever have to settle for anything the neighbors have. Let them find their own doggie couture goods. All of the bright colors the Bauer Small Feeding Bowl comes in are guaranteed to brighten your pet’s meal time and make your neighbors jealous, all at the same time. You have spent entirely too much time, effort and love getting your home exactly how you want it. Canine Styles appreciates how difficult it can be to color coordinate your pet’s belongings with your own. And that’s exactly why you’ll find Bauer Small Feeding Bowls along with the Bauer Pottery Bowls (dog bowls collection), in eight different rich, vibrant colors.

Whether you’re serving a small meal or just giving your dears some Beef Wonder Nuggets to get through the day, you’ll keep your floors clean when you set your bowls on top of matching Bubbles Placemats in our luxury dog blankets and mats collection

The Bauer Small Feeding Bowl is a shallow bowl that’s only 5" in diameter, making it ideal for your feline friends as well as your little pups. Get them both their very own Bauer Small Feeding Bowl! While cats and dogs may fail to see eye-to-eye on several issues; they are sure to agree on how wonderfully stylish their brand new, very own Bauer Small Feeding Bowls are. Make meal time memorable for all your pets.