• CS Polar Fleece Mat - Brown, Tan, & Navy
  • CS Polar Fleece Mat - Brown, Tan, & Navy
  • CS Polar Fleece Mat - Brown, Tan, & Navy

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CS Polar Fleece Mat - Brown, Tan, & Navy

These super-soft, double-faced, reversible, no-pill polar fleece Mats will immediately become your dog's portable security and warmth.

It is the perfect blanket no matter where it is used -- carrier to kitchen floor, car seat to crate, dog's own bed to favorite chair. Machine washable, tumble dry on low. Fleece should be washed at a lower temperature than other garments to protect the integrity of the material.

"Did you know fleece is environmentally-friendly. Since it is made of man-made fibers, it can be created by using recycled plastic bottles and similar PET plastics. Fleece can even be re-created using recycled fleece! PET is one of the most practical plastics to recycle, and there is an abundance of it in post-consumer waste in the form of household product bottles. Because of its availability and ease of recycling, it is commonly found in a variety of polyester fabrics. For every meter of fleece that is manufactured, about eight soda bottles are kept out of a landfill.

Each fleece product makes a positive impact on the environment"


  • Small -  14" x 21"
  • Medium -  21" x 26"
  • Large -  27" x 38"