• "H" Dog Collar - French Dog Collar, 6 Color Options

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"H" Dog Collar - French Dog Collar, 6 Color Options

We all want the best for our pets. Sometimes however, we can’t give an arm and a leg to achieve that. If you’re looking for the utmost of luxury for your pampered pup, then look no further. This “H” Dog Collar lets the world know that nothing but the best can lie on your dog’s neck.

Imported from France with hand cut leather, this delightful collar comes in a variety of equally chic colors. Red, black, orange, brown, pink and tan all have the elegance which comes along with the “H” while remaining attuned to your personal taste as well as your furry friend’s. To keep the theme going, get the “H” Dog Leads  in matching or complementary colors to always feel like you’re going for a walk on the Upper East Side.

For a subtle pairing with this gilded neckwear, the new Canine Styles Herringbone Cashmere Beige and Brown Dog Sweater is the perfect piece to not overpower yet still let everyone know you have the most stylish pup in the room. The compliments will come rolling in for both you and your pet with this classic combination. Sizes 10–16" mean no matter what the size, your pooch will always step out in style.