• Dog Sweater - Cashmere Pink & Grey Dog Sweaters
  • Dog Sweater - Cashmere Pink & Grey Dog Sweaters
  • Dog Sweater - Cashmere Pink & Grey Dog Sweaters

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Dog Sweater - Cashmere Pink & Grey Dog Sweaters

For the pet who deserves the best, only cashmere will do! Not only one of the most luxurious fabrics, but one of the most breathable, versatile and wearable, cashmere is an absolute essential in any pampered pooch’s wardrobe. This warm sweater in either grey or baby pink (or both!) will be your canine’s favorite all year round.

This Dog Sweater is a part of the luxury and designer Dog Sweaters collection.

Grey is great for both boys and girls, and is the perfect base sweater to make any fancy collar or lead pop! Try out the Jophi Rhinestone Collar in whatever shade fits your fancy to really stand out while paired with this subtle grey.

For the baby pink, the color really says it all! This is perfect for your little baby who deserves and asks for nothing but the best. The pastel tone works for a girl of any size (8" to 18") in those transitional spring months where the weather is still a little nippy, but the fashion is warming up!

Both are great approachable options for a puppy playdate. The grey gives off a neutral yet positive vibe while the baby pink is playful yet not overpowering. In transit to this group hang out, carry your go-with-the-flow pooch in the Lightweight Black Nylon Year Round Carrier from Designer and Luxury dog carrier collection.

Hand wash with Woolite, lay flat to dry. Great looking worn under the Canine Styles Horse Blanket Coat for those really cold days!

Katie is 15lbs and is wearing the 14" Cashmere sweater.

Listed here are the Gray and Pink options! Grey Cashmere Blankets also available!!