• Dog Sweater - Wool Navajo, Black & Red
  • Dog Sweater - Wool Navajo, Black & Red

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Dog Sweater - Wool Navajo, Black & Red

We all need those days where we just get away from it all. Call it a mental health day, or a personal care session. No matter what title, they are an absolute necessity for us and our most loyal companions. Turn on some calming music and sit by the fire with the one creature that comes with built-in unconditional love in this warm dog sweater that will warm his soul and yours.

In a traditional tribal pattern, this Navajo black and red dog sweater will bring both of you back to your roots. As many native tribes place great importance on connectivity with the earth, this dog sweater is a great way to honor them and the great planet we inhabit.

The comfortable wool lends itself to any number of activities. Sizes 8" to 18" mean any canine can feel at peace right along with you. Take measurements to ensure an accurate and cozy fit. For an equally grounded collar for relaxing walks decked out in the earthy dog sweater, try out the Cinopelca Dog Collar in any earthy tone to keep this look grounded, right where it’s meant to be.

The pattern also lends itself perfectly to vacation at a ski resort. When you get back from a busy day of navigating the vast hills, put your little guy in this sweater. And for another chic complement that won’t overpower, carry your little ski pup in the Cashmere/Wool Blend Dog Carrier.

Available in sizes 8"-18. Handwash.....

This Product is a Canine Styles Exclusive! Limited Edition.