• Cashmere Dog Sweater - Geometric Pink
  • Cashmere Dog Sweater - Geometric Pink

Cashmere Dog Sweater - Geometric Pink

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The pastel color makes it perfect for holidays like Valentines Day and Easter, while its warmth makes it appropriate for a brisk walk on any given day in January. You’ll simply will never want to put this dog sweater down! Sizes 8" to 18" guarantee the versatility of the piece. And a super-quick measurement ensures you got it right! Available in sizes 16". 

Katie the Border Terrier is wearing a 14" dog sweater and weighs 15lbs.

Size  8", 10", 12" & 14" are Sold Out!!!

Hand wash. 

How to Measure Your Dog:

Height: Measure from the floor to the shoulder.

Back/Length: Measure from the nape of the neck (where the collar falls) to the base of the tail.

Weight: Should not exceed maximum weight as per the size chart (if applicable).

Neck/Collar: Collars are measured by the length of the collar as shown below. Collars typically have 4-5 holes. The collar will fit best if your dog's neck measurement lines up with the middle hole.

Soft measuring tapes work best when measuring your pet!!

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