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Dipper Ringwear | Dog Bowl | Pet Bowl | Canine Styles

Regardless of the season or the climate, the amazing color found in these Dipper Bowl collections is like bringing a ray of sunshine into your home. These masterfully crafted ceramic bowls are hand-dipped to ensure their color achieves the level of perfection you and your pet deserve. Canine Styles offers only top-quality products because you are a customer with class and discernment! The simplistic elegance of their Dipper Bowls means they will fit any style and exceed all expectations!

The Small Dipper Bowls have a two-cup capacity that will accommodate your dainty eaters or any dogs concerned about their figure. The Large Dipper Bowls are double the capacity of the small dippers and they hold up to four cups, which means they’re perfect for larger breeds and hearty appetites.

The versatility of this hand-dipped bowl makes it a perfect gift for your doggie or a friend. Match it with a Dipper Treat Jar from dog treats collection or present it to your pup on a bright yellow Bubbles Placemat from designer dog mats collection.  There’s no way to go wrong with this stunning bowl and matching jar.

The dipper collection is both bold and understated at the same time. If your poochies have shed light into your life, then maybe it’s time you return the favor. Give them the timeless gift of beauty!