• Canine Styles | Corduroy Grey | Corduroy Red | Dog Bed
  • Canine Styles | Corduroy Grey | Corduroy Red | Dog Bed
  • Canine Styles | Corduroy Grey | Corduroy Red | Dog Bed

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Canine Styles | Corduroy Grey | Corduroy Red | Dog Bed

The finest bed your dog will ever sleep in!

Canine Styles has combined quality, durability, style, and functionality in high-end dog beds, designer dog sweaters, blankets, carriers and coats for over 50 years. These ruby red and timeless grey corduroy dog beds are made from the finest materials and are the nicest beds your dog will ever experience. Your dog isn’t just a pet after all, he’s your best friend and deserves a bed that offers both comfort and classic style. The nesting dog bed design has rounded borders that support the way your pooch naturally sleeps so he feels snuggled and cozy throughout the night.

These red and grey nestling beds come in various sizes ranging from 20" to 40" in diameter. This size range makes them perfect for a variety of dog breeds including Dachshunds, Australian Shepherds, Huskies, and Boxers. No matter what size your pup, there’s a perfect fit for your furry friend in these classic colors of red and grey.

Because Canine Styles luxury dog bed slipcovers are made only with the finest 100% cotton corduroy, they are durable and the color lasts. The removable slipcover makes these corduroy dog beds a breeze to clean. This blend of functionality and classic design means your pup looks distinguished at all times.

Holly the Yellow Lab and Katie the Border Terrier snuggle here in our 40" bolster nesting bed who together weigh 85lbs.

The 100% cotton corduroy slipcover is removable and washable.