• Canine Styles - Dog Blanket - Corduroy w/Faux Fur Lining - 3 Color Options

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Canine Styles - Dog Blanket - Corduroy w/Faux Fur Lining - 3 Color Options

Canine Styles combines the rugged attractiveness of corduroy with the posh appeal of faux fur in this cozy luxury pet blanket. Resting here, your canine companion will feel like he’s lounging by a warm fire while dreaming of chasing his tail in the nippy Aspen air. Measuring a generous 48" x 60", this blanket is perfectly sized for use in a luxury dog carrier, dog bed, or to cover the surface of your sofa or chaise.

When it’s time to head to the country on holiday, toss the blanket across the seat of the car so your fellow traveler can ride in comfort. It’s available in warm, rich tones like pumpkin, camel, and chocolate, and the finishing touch is our embossed logo -- a symbol of excellence for your discerning pet.

Of course, it isn’t all about comfort and style, although both are abundant in this handsome blanket. As always, this is a product made with the highest-quality materials, crafted to your exacting standards. We take the same care in producing your pet’s luxury dog blankets that you expect for your own home decor. For ease of care, the corduroy blanket with faux fur lining is machine washable, and has sturdy grommets at the corners to help keep it secure.

This blanket is irresistible in our new corduroy colors.

Measures 48" x 60". Machine wash.