• Lounger - Canterbury Check - Dog Bed
  • Lounger - Canterbury Check - Dog Bed

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Lounger - Canterbury Check - Dog Bed

A classic pattern for a classy pup perfectly fits every season and lasts for years to come! The foam inner cushion provides orthopedic support for dogs who need it and amazing comfort for those who want it. Sizes small through extra large fit dogs up to 70 pounds and the unique one-piece design prevents them from chewing the cushion, making this a great solution for dogs that tend to dig and chew removable cushions.

Dual layer, fibre topped foam inner cushion provides orthopaedic support and plush comfort.

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Size Outer Dimension  Inner Dimension Weight Recommendation
Small 26"x18x"7" 19"x13"x5" Up To 1 5lbs.


34"x23"x9" 25"x16"x7" Up To 35 lbs.
Large 40"x31"x11" 32"x19"x9" Up To 50 lbs.
Extra - Large 46"x38"x12" 38"x28"x10"  Up To 70 lbs.