• Antler Chew - Dog Chew - Dog Treat

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Antler Chew - Dog Chew - Dog Treat

These 100% Natural Antler Dog Chews are allergy free as well as being organic, natural, green and made of a renewable resource, gathered from animals that were not harmed in any way. Free of Odor....

These are Durable Long lasting chews. They are 100% naturally shed. Antlers are rugged, hard, solid and won’t splinter like bones.

These provide the exact qualities you want in a chew toy . All edges are shaven and rounded with no sharp ends.


Pick a Size:

  • SMALL - Our small is just right for your little pal weighing up to 15 pounds.
  • MEDIUM - Our medium sized chew is the right size for your 15-30 pound furry buddy.
  • LARGE - Don't be fooled by the name. Maybe your dog is the right size for our large-sized chew. Great for dogs that  weigh 30-50 pounds.