Finest Luxury Emporium

You and your pet shouldn’t be forced to decide between quality and style. Canine Styles provides both with fresh and innovative product lines and luxury novelties. Deserving dogs and proud parents don’t have to look any further for designer doggie products and fun accessories. Canine Styles recognizes the changing times and appreciates your diverse needs. You’ll find designer coats and sweaters, carriers (backpack, purse, sling), collars, blankets and leads. Excess is optional, but there really is never too much of a good thing.

New Luxury Collections

When you’re accustomed to luxury, nothing less will satisfy. You were meant to have the best and so were your loved ones. Canine Styles believes cheap and tacky doggie products are not worth your time. You and your closest companion seek only the finer things in life. Never take to the streets in sub-standard style. Pamper your pet with innovative toys and organic treats. Your image makes a statement that’s more than memorable. You’re trendsetters. When you and your pooch step out red-carpet ready, you’re bound to be the envy on every block.

Luxury Novelties

If you expect your dog to represent you to the best of their ability, it’s only fair you do the same in return. Canine Styles is ready to help with a high-quality line of beautifully designed, lightweight, wooden novelty key chains. Each of these stunningly crafted items is carved from natural wood, polished and painted to perfection and delivered with pride in their durability and craftsmanship.

Regardless of which breed of dog you’re passionate about, Canine Styles has the perfect novelty item for you. The dogs you love speak volumes about the person you are because each breed possess definite style and personality. Canine Styles luxury novelties cover pups in all shapes and sizes, including Pomeranians, Pugs and Poodles, Black Labs and Bison. Let your taste in pets tell people a little about yourself. After all, your pets are more than a decorative accessory, they are a reflection of your soul.