I.D. Tags

Finest Luxury Emporium

When in the market for the finest luxury dog products available, as a discerning shopper, you never have to look further than Canine Styles to meet your needs and wants. After more than 50 wonderful years in the business of supplying the canine elite, you know that the designer doggie outfitters are fully committed to your satisfaction. Canine Styles understands the many demands placed upon cultured dogs in high society and rise to the challenge of providing for such full and busy lives. Being a dog of leisure is hard work! Canine Styles can help you make it look effortless.

New Luxury Collections

Canine Styles designs new luxury lines — from coats to collars, and sweaters — with you and your pet in mind. Wanting the best in life is natural. Your beloved pet doesn’t have to settle for anything less than the absolute best either. Top quality doggie couture is in high demand in the latest styles and trends of fashion today. There’s no need to settle for substitutes or imitations. Pampered pups everywhere deserve to be draped in only the finest luxury, from paw to paw.

Designer ID Tags

Your dogs’ names are more than what you call them. It’s their identity. You named them for physical traits, personality quirks or your own heartfelt expectations. You named them and then they grew into their given monikers. Now there’s no better way to celebrate your precious poochies than by letting them wear those names with pride. A set of custom dog tags is a great place to start! Give your pets the chance to proclaim themselves to the world.

Canine Styles offers many designs of doggie declaration. The custom dog tags are versatile and expressive enough to complement the personalities and identities of each unique, four-legged friend. There’s no gift more personal than personalized nametags. Not only are these luxury dog tags available in a wide variety of designs, but they’re also made in your choice of metals: stainless steel, sterling silver and gold. Have a personalized dog tag engraved with your pup’s name and it becomes a one-of-a-kind treasure.