Holiday Dog Products

Established in 1959, Canine Styles is New York's oldest and finest dog emporium with world-class grooming and an exclusive line of products manufactured for and by Canine Styles to bring you the benefit of over fifty years serving dogs and their owners. All of our signature items have been designed with unrivalled attention to detail, a painstaking focus on fit and usefulness and a flair for traditional, classic but up-to-date design.

Now with three locations in New York city, the fashion capital of the world, Canine Styles produces two new collections a year and has been featured in Vogue, 0 Magazine, In Style, The New York Times Style Section and on the Today Show. In addition, we are constantly updating our website to bring you the very best selection of dog toys, clothing, coats & sweaters, collars, leashes, harnesses, dog beds, carriers, bowls, dog ID tags, and every conceivable necessity and luxury for your dog. Welcome to the world of Canine Styles - the world's only Dog Lifestyle Brand.

Holiday Dog Products!

Canine Styles takes pride in making sure this holiday our dog clients are enjoying the highest-quality holiday cookies, holiday bears, furry candy canes, Hide-a-squirrel, holiday penguins, and more! 

In this area you will find the most popular and trendy holiday dog products currently on the market for best dog holiday products!

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