The Do’s and Don’ts of Walking Your Dog in the Rain by Canine Styles

The Do’s and Don’ts of Walking Your Dog in the Rain by Canine Styles

The Do’s and Don’ts of Walking Your Dog in the Rain

Walking in the rain is an acquired taste. We all can’t expect our dogs to dance through the raindrops like Gene Kelly! The one certainty is that out they’ll go—as nature calls—in weather fair or foul.

Jumping in puddles, lifting your faces up into the rain and shake-shake-shaking to dry off are favorite ways to play for you and your downpour-loving dog. Whether you go for a quick potty break or a five-mile jaunt around the city depends on you, but here are some tips.

Stay Healthy

Whether you take a quick run to the nearest tree or a long hike to the park, it’s going to take a little extra effort to stay dry, keep away the sniffles and still get in a little walk in the rain. Otherwise, what began as a simple chore or perhaps an adventure can lead to serious health issues.

Picture how uncomfortable you get when you’re cold and wet. Now imagine you can’t remove that wet coat. Just as you can start sniffling after a wet walk, so can your companion come down with respiratory problems or even hypothermia if she gets too wet and cold while walking in the rain. So, after you towel off your own hair, use the same towel on your dog; she’ll love it.

Take Precautions

Whether you’re a professional dog walker or merely exercising your four-legged friend, take care when dog walking in the rain by following a few simple “do’s:”

  • Do wear your frisky fellow out at the dog park instead of keeping him on a leash. You’ll be one of the few out there in the rain, and he’ll wear out quicker if he can run off-leash.
  • Do wrap your pampered pooch in raingear designed to keep her both warm and dry. Find a neoprene coat <http://> that’s fleece-lined and water-repellant.
  • Do keep it stylish when you’re out dog walking in the rain. You’ll both look good in slickers. <> Choose a lightweight raincoat in a color to match your own or contrast those of your other pooches.
  • Do protect your dog’s paws (and your floors when you get home) with disposable rubber booties. <http://bit. ly/2D27Epm> If you’re not multi-mile trekkers while dog walking in the rain, you can get a few walks out of each pair.
  • Do dry your puppies off with towels or a hair dryer as soon as you get inside. Keep them from catching a chill and save your walls from the explosion of water when they shake it off.

Don’t Overlook the Possibility of Water Damage

Yes, you’re perfectly capable of putting up with a little water from a much-needed stroll, but take steps to reduce the hassle it may produce. Try as much as possible to follow these “don’ts:”

  • Don’t force your doggies into raincoats or boots that don’t fit correctly or are too cumbersome. Instead, stick with flexible products that offer easy Velcro closures and multiple sizes.
  • Don’t walk on busy thoroughfares if you can avoid them. Your perfectly planned walk can turn into a nightmare when a speeding taxi hits a big puddle next to you and your pup.
  • Don’t let your dog stay wet indoors if you run the air conditioner or if there’s a chill in the air. Dogs can get just as sick as your children when left to sit in a cold wet coat.
  • Don’t try to cover up your doggie with coats and hats that are too earth-toned if you plan to walk on busy streets. Remember that cars have reduced visibility in foul weather. Reflective is best!
  • Don’t carry an umbrella and hope to keep both you and your little friend dry. It can be awkward holding the leash in one hand and the umbrella in the other. Safety first, wet or dry.


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