The Latest in Dog Fashions

The Latest in Dog Fashions

Spring Fashions for Your Dog

As the birds start singing and life begins looking much greener, you suddenly realize that winter is receding and spring is in the air. Spring is the time to refresh your home. That means it’s time to enliven your outdated wardrobe too!

As you pack your sweaters and coats away, take time to consider which warm weather wardrobe items still work. If you go everywhere with your pooch, it may be time to coordinate both your outfits. Since you want the very best for your best furry friend, make sure her dog clothes are just as fresh for spring as your own.

The Latest Dog Clothes Styles

The term “dog clothes” is a bit misleading. Any dog can wear clothes. You can even find them in supermarkets and gas stations these days. What your dog deserves is high-fashion, high-quality couture, designed with your discerning taste in mind. After all, the dog clothes your pup sports are a direct reflection of your style, especially if you both match.

Some dogs may be content to parade in ill-fitting dog clothes from a big box retailer. But your dog demands better. She deserves to be seen in the latest from the Canine Styles Spring Collection. Since Canine Styles always follows fresh styles and hot trends, your pampered pooch is sure to stay ahead of the pack. It’s no surprise that Canine Styles’ fashions continue popping up all across social media as a go-to brand for celebrity dogs.

When Style and Quality Matter

Every year, as the flowers begin to bloom, you can put on your fanciest fashions to celebrate in style. Get outside and promenade. You two can be trendsetters. Whether you want to make a statement at the Easter egg hunt with a retro striped dog dress with a bold red flower or flash the fashion-forward look of signature plaid and accompanying accessories, Canine Styles has just the thing for you.

Spring means getting back outdoors. After a long winter of bundling up and rushing home, it’s finally time to get out and play! No matter what you do or where you go, don’t forget to dress for the occasion:

  • First and foremost, if you need to transport you dog you will need a breathable, chic over the shoulder carrier 
  • Show off your combined puppy power as the two of you hit the gym in Spandex and muscle tees
  • Be the best-dressed on any tennis court or golf course when you arrive with your little buddy prepped out in a sporty polo shirt
  • Play it cool when dodging the paparazzi. Attired in stylish New York hoodies,  no one will recognize the two of you!

Even for Inclement Weather

Of course, not every spring day is awash in warm sunshine and clear skies. April showers will hit your neighborhood at some point. Don’t let a downpour catch you unprepared. Canine Styles has light-weight, durable raincoats that won’t leave your doggie drenched:

  • If you’re focused on function, yet appreciate a little fun in your doggie’s spring wardrobe, check out the six cool colors of Canine Styles’ rain slickers
  • For days that still have a New York nip in the air, keep your pooch dry in dog clothes that are both waterproof and warm with a neoprene-lined raincoat.
  • Your pup can use a quality, all-season pair of booties anytime. Get great paw-tection with water-resistant, fleece-lined, non-slip booties
  • For unpredictable spring weather, carry disposable booties, just in case. Choose from five colors or get all five of these natural rubber dog boots. 

Freshen Your Look with New Accessories

Dog clothes for spring fashions will get you noticed, but to complete your pup’s look, don’t forget matching collars and leads.  And if your little pooch is really a small dog, you can carry her around in style with either a stylish mesh carrier or a cotton canvas carrier.

Even when you’re at home, you can sweep away the old and invite in the new. Spring cleaning extends to your dog’s things too. If the dog bed in your home has seen better days, it’s time to upgrade. Try one of the Canine Styles’ new line of dog beds in cotton or canvas.  Either way, your pooch will love it!

While you’re at it, consider donating your furry girl’s abused dinner bowl to the local shelter and treating her to a sumptuous meal in a brand new dog bowl.  If one thing leads to another, which can happen when you get to spring cleaning, consider a fun new food container or biscuit tin.  Your refreshed home will feel light and airy with these new things.

Spring Couture for Your Canine

There’s no better way to help your dog ring in the new season than with a new, clean look to go with her new dog clothes. With winter over, there’s no need for a shaggy mane. Treat your adorable princess to a spring makeover!

The original Canine Styles shop on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan is also the most established doggie spa in the area. Our master groomers have set the gold standard in pet care for years. You can trust your beloved pooch to the experts because they don’t use sedatives or cage dryers. A spa visit should be as amazing and relaxing an experience as your visit to a rejuvenating spa. And at Canine Styles, it always is.

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