How Cold Does Your Dog Get?

How Cold Does Your Dog Get?

How Cold Does Your Dog Get?

Chances are, if you’re cold, your pooch is feeling the chill as well. Sure, dogs have natural, built-in fur coats, but unless they’ve lived in the tundra for most of their lives and built up a tolerance for the arctic air, your four-legged friend isn’t as prepared for the cold as you may think. Dressing your dog for cold weather is just as important as wrapping your two-legged family members in layers against the frost.

So when you’re pulling on your cozy cashmere — even to sit and read in the evening, wrap your beloved companion in a cashmere sweater of his own. And when you head outdoors and choose your warmest down coat for protection, remember to do the same with a down puffer coat for your pup.

How Cold is Too Cold?

Certainly, different breeds have varying coat thicknesses. How your pooch tolerates the cold depends on his coat thickness, age and health. Your Greyhound, for example, wears a very thin coat yearlong with little to no protection built in. A Siberian Husky, on the other hand, carries around a double layer of fur and can take a New York winter with little or problems.

According to PetMD, dogs with thinner coats don’t do well in cold that dips below 45°F. Older dogs, puppies and dogs that are suffering health issues also require warmer coats and sweaters to handle the cold. Dressing your dog for cold weather — even if you have a sturdier, bigger dog — should be a priority when the temperatures get much below 32°F.

Preparing for Changes

While dressing your dog for cold conditions, consider the changes in the weather patterns during your excursion. Dress your pup in layers, just as you would prepare for weather changes yourself. When you leave the house in the early morning, allow your pooch to continue wearing the warm cashmere hoodie he wore around the house. But before you go, add a puffer sport coat for extra warmth until the morning frost disappears.

A warm wool sweater makes an ideal undergarment when dressing your dog for cold, rainy days. Top it off with a waxed raincoat. Dressing your dog for cold days that may turn out to be warmer or wetter as the day progresses is the healthiest and most loving gesture you can make!

Dressing Your Dog for Cold Weather

Once you understand how your dog reacts to various types of weather, dressing your dog for cold temps becomes second-nature. Your pooch’s closet may become as diverse as your own, ready for any quick change in the weather as well as the long, cold days of winter that stay below freezing. Consider these options when dressing your dog for cold days, rainy chilly nights, nippy evenings and when there’s just a chill in the air at home:

  • Neoprene, waterproof, winter-lined raincoat. This is a great coat for those pups who have a decent coat already and really don’t like to wear a bunch of layers.
  • Genuine natural shearling dog coat. Don’t be jealous of your pooch when he’s happily wrapped in this cozy coat. Get your own!
  • Horse blanket. These harnessed coats aren’t just for horses. In fact, they’re not for horses at all! But they definitely keep a well-trained pooch warm and dry.
  • Cashmere with faux fur lining. Practicality and style go hand-in-hand with this comfortable and good-looking cashmere coat. You may want to get one of these for your own closet too — in your own size, of course.
  • Barn coat with brown corduroy collar. When you want to stay casual but warm, get out and play hard in the nippy air with this functional cold-weather gear.

Dressing your dog for weather indoors and out doesn’t have to be boring. Have a little fun dressing your dog for cold temps with seasonal, fun, warm apparel, such as:

Wrap It Up

As you’re dressing your dog for cold walks and more outdoor fun, don’t forget about blankets and mats. They can keep the chill out of a carrier and maintain a warm, cuddly bed while your furry friend sleeps. Dog mats also help keep your home cleaner and drier, too.

Finally, remember that paws are feet, and feet need protecting too. Check out the line of booties and socks at Canine Styles! They’re designed to ensure comfort as well as long-lasting health for your dog, no matter what the weather is doing today.

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