Fall Fashions for Your Pooch

Fall Fashions for Your Pooch

Just as every dog owner exudes an abiding love for certain colors and styles, so the fabulous furry creature on the end of your leash wears her personality on her sleeve. Since you know your pooch and what she likes better than anyone, you both can be in tune with the latest fashion trends and make a statement!

As fall 2019 opens, take advantage of what color experts at Pantone call an “emergence of confidence.” Yes, this is the time when you can create your own trends from the official colors of the season. And since you own the checkbook and make the important decisions for the prominent pooch in your life, you get to create a wardrobe that’s both timely and stylish for the both of you. Fall fashions for dogs can be just as fun to assemble as they are for you and your two-legged family members.

Color Me Bold

It’s definitely time to express your individuality — and your dog’s personality — in the liberated bold colors you choose to wear in your fall 2019 wardrobe. Your canine will look especially vibrant in the hottest new colors for the season with a lineup that includes:

  • A fiery chili pepper red cashmere sweater. This outstanding cool weather cashmere sweater suits your fall fashions for dogs’ aesthetic, and it’s ideal for both boy and girl doggies. A wide range of sizes means there’s a trendy red sweater available for most any hot-to-trotter. And when you’re traveling by carrier, line the tote with added warmth and style with a matching wool cashmere blanket. Also available in hot pink and purple!
  • A fall coat in classic plaid. Strut in style in the trendiest bold colors on the runways that are sometimes referred to as Rocky Road. Canine Styles presents this awesome choice in its brown and pink plaid wool coat that’s light enough for a cool fall evening, yet warm enough for the cold days of winter ahead. The faux fur brown lining gives this coat a plush, stylish look while keeping your pooch comfortable in this new take on classic fall fashions for dogs.
  • Casual, comfortable and brightly colored barn coat. Orange, cranberry, hot pink and deep chocolate are all the color rage in fall fashions for dogs and people in 2019! Get all four colors in these casual barn coats and even add a fifth as a nod to tradition in Loden green. You’ll be ready for any and every occasion.
  • Fall fleece jacket. Orange is the new black in the latest 2019 fall fashions for dogs — and you may as well get used to seeing it on everyone. Pantone lists orange as the 2019 color that shouts “fearless energy.” And when you’re running full tilt with that fresh fall feeling, give your petite pooch a little protection with an orange fleece track suit made for pups under 25 pounds.

Fall Fashions for Dogs

While understated elegance always has a place in the finer establishments in New York and LA, fall fashions for dogs and their stylish owners are going in for the bling and the full-on bigness of the boldest trendsetters. Whether you’re accessorizing one of the solid bold colors for fall 2019 or carrying your everything in a big bag, you can’t go wrong with these over-the-top doggie fashions:

  • Dog carriers. Hit the highways and skyways with one of these big sturdy canvas carriers that meet the stringent airline restrictions. Or really go overboard with a uniquely designed faux python carrier. Of course, you could meet all the fashion trends of big and flashy in the latest color scheme while screaming elegance with your very own couture alligator bag.
  • Collars and leads. Bling boys and pretty princesses alike can pull off this hot trend for 2019 with their own rhinestone collar. And when gold-tone is the bling of choice for the day, match your pooch in a 2019 Pantone-inspired bright red French dog collar.
  • Nothing says “look at me” like the bling of a studded stone dog collar and matching leather lead. And just try to get anyone to argue with the ferocious originality of your bling baby adorned in a handmade St. Moritz collar and lead.
  • And if you insist on remaining with the classics, but just can’t resist adding a little bling to your doggie’s fall wardrobe, identify with a traditional personalized bit of flash that you also can match to any outfit with one of four stunning classic leather collars, fit with an engraved brass plate.

Whether you want to dress your pup in the latest fall fashions for dogs or spruce up your home with a new piece of stylish dinnerware for dogs or a fresh, comfy new bolster bed, you’ll find everything you need at Canine Styles. Don’t forget the extra treats and toys, you need to put in your new big tote.

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