Marsh Madness ends with a Dog with a Cool Beard! COOL!

Marsh Madness ends with a Dog with a Cool Beard! COOL!

In the month of March one of our FAVORITE Clients, @Marshthepup reached out to use to see if we could help throw a super "thug" giveaway  for him and his 10K fans on Instagram! 

We decided to giveaway a luxury coat or sweater of their choice up to $100 value to the contest winner and for a offer a discount of 15% to all their fans! 

Entering the contest is easy! All the contestants needed to do was post an orginal photo of them #CanineStyling and posture following in the description:

"This is my entry for #2016MarshMadness hosted by @CanineStylesNYC and @Marshmallowpup09 *NOW @MarshThePup. My name is ____ and Im from [City, State], #MotherPuppa!"

Here are a few of our favorite entries :




Together Marshall and our team voted and picked @RalphieNYC as the WINNER! He just so happens to have the most handsome BEARD EVER!! 

Boys are heading to go shopping at Canine Styles West!

Here are the boys heading to do some shopping at the Canine Styles West location!! Below you will find some pictures on their    fantastic boys day!


Canine Styles Dog Clothing

"Don't ask me how he got in there..." @RalphieNYC


Marshall is a  Shih Tzu living in New York City Check out his Saint Patricks Day look - Follow his adventures on Instagram @Marshthepup

"Ralphie! Check out that bae with the camera!" @MarshthePup


Canine Styles Dog Plaid Rain coats

"You know the ladies dig plaid, Marsh.." @RalphieNYC


Yellow Dog Rain Slicker


Hope you enjoyed hanging out with these cool boys stay tuned to see more adventures!

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