Why Owning Two Dogs Is Better Than Owning Just One

Why Owning Two Dogs Is Better Than Owning Just One

You’ve probably heard countless times that “too much of a good thing is a bad thing.” While there’s some truth to this statement, it doesn’t apply to learning dog owner tips. And when it comes to dogs, two heads are better than one! There are countless benefits for both you and your dog when you double the fun by adding another furry member to your household.

While the rewards of owning two dogs are enormous, your skills and prowess as a dog owner need to be a tad sharper to keep order and tranquility in a multi-pet household. With a few critical dog owner tips under your belt, both you and your canine companions can amble happily through life together.

Joy Multiplied

Dogs are loyal and loving creatures. Once they bond with you, you have a friend for life. Your pups may even become your best friends! They remind you how exciting life can be and teach you how to enjoy the simple things in life. Who wouldn’t want a double dose of that?

Each pooch has a distinct personality. Dogs exhibit similar yet peculiar emotional responses to the commencement of dinnertime or the arrival of a neighbor. They double your joy of life. In fact, one of the most rewarding dog owner tips is to learn from your dogs how to live more in the moment.

They’ll Eat It Up

When the magical hour of dinnertime arrives, be sure to feed this double dose of fun with a loving touch. Canine Styles offers some very appealing double-dining ensembles, such as:

Before you buy, though, bear in mind one of the dog owner tips you don’t want to learn the hard way: while your dogs become very close over time, they can still feel insecure whenever their food is concerned. Feed them separately at first. Work on building their trust, both with each other and with you. Gradually move their bowls closer together until they’re comfortable eating side by side.

Dogs Belong in a Pack

Most humans need and enjoy time to be alone. Whether it’s to cultivate a hobby, get things done or practice self-reflection, humans need quality “me time.” Canines, however, don’t share this quality. As you devour as many dog owner tips as you can, you soon recognize that dogs only see themselves as part of a group. When there’s no group, they feel isolated and stressed.

Dogs are always alert to their environment, and another pooch helps them monitor the situation. Companionship allows them to rest and sleep a little more soundly since they know there’s another set of ears, eyes and noses on lookout duty. You may find that the stress of separation anxiety is much lower with your pets when they have a companion to keep them company.

Once you’ve got a pack of two dogs, show off this new bond with matching items like beds or even some fashionable apparel. Canine Styles has plenty to choose from, including:

The Family that Plays Together…

Here’s one of those dog owner tips you probably already know: both humans and canines need exercise, but dogs often view physical activity as the purpose of life! Exercise may become a chore for most adults, but dogs relish every moment. And while you’re adding cliché dog owner tips to your knowledge base, don’t forget that dogs need walking — at least once, but preferably twice a day.

Without companionship, a solitary dog may use the excess energy in ways you won’t find amusing, such as scratching your doors or chewing your favorite shoes or furniture. Of all the dog owner tips you need, here’s one to take to the bank: always have some chew toys on hand, whether you have one dog or two.

Personal Bonding

Unless you live alone with your furry friend, you’ve probably noticed that dogs gravitate toward one human in the household. Of course, dogs love everyone in the family, but there’s almost always a favorite. Another dog in the house allows someone else to experience this favoritism. The idea isn’t to divide the household into groups, but more dogs spread that much more warmth and love around.

And while all that love is being passed around, use it as a teaching opportunity for your family. Include dog owner tips about training and disciplining your four-legged family members. Whether you have one, two or even three dogs, every pup must learn to respect the commands of every human member of the family.

Proper Dog Walking

One of the most important dog owner tips you’ll receive regards the art of dog walking. When walking two dogs at the same time, you must use proper techniques applied correctly, such as:

  • Be the leader. In a dog pack, the alpha dog walks in front and the others follow. So you have to be the leader while walking your dogs. Stay in front and correct them when they try to take your position. Your dogs should never pull you along; they should remain at your side obediently. Make sure you’re the first one out the door and the first one in when you return.
  • Use a short leash. Keep your dogs on a short leash, so they’re close to you and more easily controlled. Canine Styles has several styles of leads to choose from that are both functional and attractive — and don’t forget matching collars! 
  • Reward good behavior. Your dogs’ sense of smell is far greater than yours, and they’re apt to stop walking and sniff anything and everything. This sniffing activity interferes with the purpose of the walk, which is exercise. So incorporate dog owner tips that deal with walking etiquette, and save the extended sniffing investigation as a reward when they’re behaving well.
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