What’s the Big deal with “Doodle Dogs?”

What’s the Big deal with “Doodle Dogs?”

What’s the big deal with a “Doodle?”

We're glad you asked! They are low shedding (your furniture loves them), laid-back, easy-going, smart, family-friendly canines.

A Doodle is a combination of a Poodle and another canine variety. The first Doodle was a Labradoodle, created in the mid 1980s in Australia. The breeding objective was to make a dog for people oversensitive to canine hair.

It took two years and 33 attempts to create the perfect cross-breed of a Standard Poodle with a Labrador, thus the Labradoodle was conceived.

The Labradoodle was a sensation and many other cross-breeds with poodles were conceived — we have 44 listed below. Of note, our favorite is the Scoodle — it comes with a name: Here Scoodle!

Quick Doodle Facts
  • Doodles are a non to low-shedding dog.
  • The first Doodle was bred as a hypo-allergenic alternative service dog
  • Doodles are bred either with one Poodle parent and another breed or can be bred with two Doodle parents.
  • Miniature doodle breeds are sometimes more expensive than large Doodle breeds— because they are even cuter!
Top 44 Most Popular Doodle Dogs:

1. Cavapoo
2. Sheepadoodle
3. Schnoodle
4. ShihPoo
5. Yorkipoo
6. Peekapoo
7. Pomapoo
8. Whoodle
9. Saint Berdoodle
10. Goldendoodle
11. Labradoodle
12. Bidoodle
13. Newfypoo
14. Bernedoodle
15. Bordoodle
16. Chipoo
17. Westiepoo
18. Boxerdoodle
19. Cockapoo
20. Maltipoo
21. Rottle
22. Aussiedoodle
23. Irish doodle
24. Havapoo
25. Shepadoodle
26. Pyredoodle
27. Springerdoodle
28. Corgipoo
29. Poogle
30. Doxiepoo
31. Pugapoo
32. Airedoodle
33. Siberpoo
34. Weimardoodle
35. Jackapoo
36. Scoodle
37. Great Danoodle
38. Bassetoodle
39. Eskipoo
40. Flandoodle
41. Mastidoodle
42. Dalmadoodle
43. Bordoodle
44. Bolonoodle

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