Time for New Furniture? Don’t Forget a New Dog Bed!

Time for New Furniture? Don’t Forget a New Dog Bed!

Time for New Furniture? Don’t Forget a New Dog Bed!

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who revel in furniture shopping and those who avoid it like the plague. If you love the task of crafting a room to suit your tastes, you relish the thought of comparing price tags, styles and colors. But even if you shudder at the thought, you can avoid redecorating only for so long.

And if you’re a pet owner, your furry friend may inadvertently play a key role in this process. Not only may you want to get a color that matches your dog’s fur if necessary, but you should also replace your dog bed to match the new style and bring everything together. Remember: whether you’re moving, remodeling or simply redecorating, buying new furniture involves considering every two and four-legged member of your family.

Scheme and Theme

When you’re searching for the perfect piece to replace your dog bed with, it helps to have an idea in mind for the layout of the entire room. Pick a central color or stick to era-specific theme. Use the overall design to guide your choices and save time when you’re decorating or redecorating. And just as you find the perfect new items for yourself, channel your inner interior designer when shopping for a chic piece to replace your dog bed.

To help you along your journey to redesign your room, Canine Styles offers a diverse range of both solid and patterned collections for the perfect look of any room. From practical and subtle to ornate and bold, our designs are created to fit seamlessly into your home. Once you find the right style sleeping arrangement to replace your dog bed, the rest of your pampered pooch’s collection simply falls into place.

Color Is Key

A bold and contrasting solid color gives a newly redecorated room the pizazz it needs. On the other hand, finding the perfect shade to match your chic monochromatic color scheme can be the key to unlocking genius. When looking to replace your dog bed with a solid color, consider these exceptional options:

  • The corduroy dog bed has the comfortable texture your canine craves, and it comes in many sizes to accommodate any good boy or girl. Choose from a wide array of colors — including camel, light green, gray, chocolate brown, and navy. Hot pink, purple, orange and red are also available to complement any color scheme and your room’s overall tone.
  • The cotton canvas bed with white piping comes in red or blue for the perfect beach house companion piece. When decorating your home in the Hamptons, keep in mind the nautical vibes when you replace your dog bed. You can even pair it with a non-breakable dog bowl that fits your newly remodeled kitchen or at the pool.
  • The Katie Puff hooded dog bed  provides the coziest option to fur babies in need of warmth in cold winter climates or when your doggie just wants a little privacy to ponder the new look of the house. The bed comes in tan or chocolate for a neutral complement to your designer dreams. This bed even has a matching Katie Companion blanket  for optimal warmth and security that your pet sometimes craves when changes are afoot in her environment.
  • The Denim Urban lounger  with orange or brown piping is the ideal addition to any bachelor pad that you’re remodeling. Replace your dog bed without losing those masculine overtones. Furniture-grade craftsmanship means this bed is built to last and accommodate a rugged downtown loft, hunting cabin, man-cave or wherever you and your best friend like to hide out.

Comfort, style and longevity are not always a guarantee when shopping for doggy furniture, but the items you choose at Canine Styles always serve up this trio of must-haves for the perfect accoutrements to your space. No matter what solid color you gravitate towards for your newly redefined living quarters, you’re able to find the perfect item to replace your dog bed at the Canine Styles store.

Patterned Brilliance

Curating a room theme can be difficult without the proper guidance. While almost everyone knows not to combine polka dots and stripes, more subtle design advice may be challenging. So Canine Styles provides some helpful tips.

To emulate the classic early American style, the glamour of the roaring 20s or the mid-century modern looks of the 50s and 60s, begin with a mood board. Brainstorm pieces you want to include in your room. You may find that it’s not that difficult to meld your stylish inspiration with your creative imagination. When you have something to work from, use the ideas and mood board to consider your options to replace your dog bed. States themes and Canine Styles beds that best complement the look include:

  • Vintage regality can benefit from the cotton canvas Naya multi-bed  or the microvelvet Chantilly lounger.  Both beds bring class to any room and come in a variety of size options to accommodate any dignified dog.
  • The cotton canvas sunblock navy bed  and the microvelvet courtyard gray lounger are perfect for emulating the graphic retro vibes of the mid 20th century while giving your pooch a place for naps and nighttime snoozing. Finish off the room with complementary pop art flare with the woof ceramic dog bowl  next to one of the beds or tie in the look of adjoining rooms with splashes of the retro you’re going for.
  • You can achieve a classic American farmhouse aesthetic with the cotton canvas Maclachlan red plaid bed that adds a touch of the timeless authenticity of Americana to any décor. In an adjacent room or in place of the plaid (if that doesn’t match your color scheme), get that same distinctive look with the rattan dog bed  for weaved simplicity.

Nothing brings together a room like attention to detail. So when you’re redecorating — choosing new paint, window treatments and people furniture, don’t forget to replace your dog bed. Many of the Canine Styles’ beds have removable, washable covers, and you can bet that your pampered pooch appreciates a new bed as much as you do. After all, nothing beats new! And it’s these small, thoughtful touches that make the biggest difference in your newly redecorated room.