The Perfect Gift for Your Dog

The Perfect Gift for Your Dog

The Perfect Gift for Your Dog

The 2019 holiday season has arrived! And like any good gift-giver, you’ve probably made your list and checked it twice. Getting the right gift for a loved one is an art that deserves some finesse. When it comes to choosing a dog gift, it can be harder than it seems to find one that matches the unconditional love your canine gives you every day — but you know you’ve got to try.

Whether naughty or nice, your pampered pup gets spoiled around this time of year. With the sea of toys, clothes, treats and trinkets available to you, the search for dog gifts can seem daunting. Stop stressing — Canine Styles provides a one-stop shop for high quality presents for your fur baby this holiday season.

Tasty Stocking Stuffers

When picking out a dog gift, you first have to decide what your pooch gravitates toward year-round. Every loyal companion deserves exciting new treats when the holidays arrive, so let the feasts commence! Spark your canine’s interest by stuffing his stocking with some of our delicious treats, including:

  • The Naughty Bone or Nice Bone Cookies  are topped with a delicious yogurt frosting that’s safe for any pup’s tummy. It’s up to you to decide which one your canine deserves.
  • The Holiday Treats set comes stocked with delicious festive cookies perfect for a small canine. Made with human-grade ingredients, they’re so tempting and nutritious that you may want to sneak a bite!
  • The Antler Chews  come in three different sizes to accommodate your pooch. Humanely sourced ... from Santa’s reindeer!
  • The Training Treats  are perfect if a new puppy is on your list this year. Available in a turkey and cranberry flavor so he can indulge in both savory holiday flavors!

Win-Win Gifts

Everyone knows the ideal dog gift scratches your back just as much as it does your canine’s. The holiday season is for giving, but this year you deserve to be a bit selfish and find dog gifts that add a little cheer to your own life. Try some of these ideas for making the giving season even more rewarding:

  • The Santa Dog Tee Shirt is the answer to your family Christmas photo prayers. A collective “aww!” will commence when your pooch walks out in this breathable top, camera ready. 
  • The Maclachlan Red Plaid pattern brings a festive twist to any collar, harness and lead. Designed to optimize walks with adjustable buckles, this set is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • The Cotton Canvas Bed in Naya Multi is the ideal throne for your furry friend. Most importantly, it has a machine-washable cover that stays vibrant after every wash.

With your busy schedule this time of year, you might have missed a trip or two to your groomer. Accomplish two tasks at once by booking a visit to New York Dog Nanny.  In addition to standard grooming services, they offer mud masks, reiki massages and Ayurvedic baths to pamper your pooch during the stressful holiday season.

Pull Out All the Stops

If you’re in the spirit of one-upping your presents year after year, you want to find a dog gift so lavish, your spoiled fur baby never forgets it. Surprise your deserving canine this holiday with an opulent essential built to last for many holidays to come.

Consider our wide range of luxury dog gifts that are sure to make even the humans in your life jealous:

  • The Hand-Cut Shearling Short Haired Coat comes in five different colors and is built for style and comfort. Shearling simply can’t be beat when it comes to protecting your pup in winter weather. 
  • The Cinopelca Dog Harness Set  is made with the finest rolled Italian leather, and it comes in six chic colors. The soft and durable design makes walks more enjoyable for you and your furry friend.
  • The Cashmere/Wool Blend Carrier with Leather Straps provides a warm and cozy space for your small breed that eases transportation stress. It comes in four chic colors ideal for the colder months. 
  • The Holiday Gift Basket  is a completely customizable collection of our high-quality festive toys. Choose size small or large to best accommodate your playful pup when he rips this open Christmas morning.
  • A Gift Card is ideal for your friends’ and relatives’ pups who also fill a special place in your heart.

Maybe your pooch has been so good this year, you’re unsure which dog gift could aptly reward his angelic behavior. Canine Styles prioritizes the happiness of you and your furry friend equally. Stop by a Canine Styles location in New York City if you’re still having trouble picking a dog gift to let your spoiled pup choose!

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