Summertime Dog Grooming Tips

Summertime Dog Grooming Tips

Summertime Dog Grooming Tips

Summer has arrived, and with it, more things to do. That includes taking care of your dog as the temperatures rise. Your pup needs some TLC to make the season more comfortable. Summertime dog grooming isn’t just about your pooch looking her best, but maintaining the health of her coat, paws, ears and eyes.

A dog’s coat is her climate control, which is reason enough for her to wear a coat year-round. If your pooch has a longer coat or a double coat, grooming keeps your pooch healthy and safe, no matter what the season. Her coat is also her first line of defense against sunburn. For summertime dog grooming, though, brushing your pup’s coat:

  • Removes loose hair for a shiny coat — and less fur on your furniture
  • Helps air circulate against her skin
  • Prevents mats that trap heat and moisture, leading to infections

To Shave or Not to Shave …

Summertime dog grooming doesn’t mean shaving your dog to the skin, but some breeds definitely benefit from a summer cut. Dogs with a double coat, like German Shepherds, aren’t candidates for a summer cut, but may enjoy a seasonal, and professional, de-shedding.

The groomers at Canine Styles can best advise you when you take your pooch into one of the three locations. Even if you don’t know what grooming service your pup may benefit most from, your friendly groomer can tell you, based on the size and coat of your pet. The Canine Styles groomers help your pup fight the heat — and look darn good doing it!

’Tis The Season for Fleas and Ticks

Dog owners must be vigilant about these pesky parasites You may believe that fleas cause itching, which you look for as a sign of trouble, but some dogs don’t scratch at all. The most tell-tale signs of a flea infestation are grainy black specks found in your dog’s coat. This debris is actually flea waste, indicating the presence of parasites on your pooch.

Flea combs remove flea eggs and debris. Just don’t comb your pup free of fleas in your living room! Ask your veterinarian about available flea medications to treat fleas on your dog and prevent them in the future. You can also ask your professional groomer to use an anti-flea shampoo at your pup’s next summertime dog grooming appointment.

Always perform a tick check on your dog — and on yourself — after a walk in a wooded area or through tall grass. Ticks love to set up shop around your dog’s head and ears, so pay special attention to these parts of your pooch. Remove ticks immediately if you find them, as they carry disease and latch onto your pup’s skin within hours of initial contact.

All in the Ears

Summertime dog grooming isn’t just about your dog’s coat, but her ears as well. A summertime grooming routine involves cleaning your dog’s ears. Canine Styles offers a solution to clean your dog’s ears that’s effective and hygienic.

Dogs that swim regularly have an increased chance of developing ear infections. Heat combined with humidity creates a perfect habitat in your dog’s ear for yeast and bacteria to proliferate. To prevent infection, wipe your dog’s ears gently with a sterile cotton ball after each dip in the pool, lake or any body of water. Using a cleaning solution helps too.

Paws on the Pavement

The dog days of summer lend themselves to lengthy outdoor excursions. But the hot sun can make sidewalks feel like walking on lava, both for your bare feet and for your dog’s tender paws. To avoid hot asphalt burning your pooch’s paws, take long walks early in the morning or at the end of the day when the asphalt is cooler.

How hot is too hot? Place your hand, palm side down on the pavement. If you can’t keep your paw there for a full five seconds, then it’s too hot for their paws as well. For those times when you have to go out at midday, consider booties to protect your pet’s paws

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