Spa Days for Your Pampered Pooch

Spa Days for Your Pampered Pooch

Spa Days for Your Pampered Pooch

You could stay home, trim and polish your nails, color and style your hair and even give yourself a soothing facial mask treatment. And sure, you’ll look radiant afterward. But there’s a better, easier way to get there. You work hard all week, so you take yourself to the spa for a few hours of pampering. A mani/pedi, shampoo and blow dry, maybe even a hot stone massage, and voila! — you’re radiant and relaxed.

Because you know the difference and appreciate the pampering, consider that your dog may like it too. Does your pooch love being rubbed with a warm towel? Of course! While there’s more to dog grooming services than that, your pup will appreciate the care and attention of a professional groomer. A pampered pooch is a happy pooch!

Where to Go in NYC for Dog Grooming Services

Perhaps you’ve tried your neighbor’s groomer and been disappointed with the results. Maybe you’re a new dog owner who’s never considered treating your pup to a spa day. Regardless, you certainly need to experience the difference a dog day at the spa does for your best four-legged friend’s demeanor.

You’ll be pleased to know that the original Canine Styles  shop at 830 Lexington Avenue is the oldest, continuous dog grooming establishment in Manhattan. And it’s still going strong! There, your beloved pet is pampered with the finer things in life. Canine Styles has fifty years’ experience satisfying the world’s most discriminating dogs and their owners. You won’t find a better service, unless of course you visit one of our other locations.

In addition to the flagship store between 63rd & 64th, now you have access a little further Uptown, between 81st & 82nd, at 1195 Lexington. And for those of you on the Westside, check out the Canine Styles spa and quality dog grooming services at 2231 Broadway between 79th & 80th. Call for an appointment:

Flagship Store                                                         Uptown                                                                   Westside
(212) 838-2064                                              (212) 472-9440                                              (212) 799-9799

Is There Any Difference?

Grooming professionals have routinely used sedatives on their canine customers for decades. Many owners consider it part of the experience, and it sure beats avoiding professional dog grooming services altogether. While sedatives do have potential risks and side effects, the vast majority of pups make it through their appointments with relative ease.

But are you willing to take the chance that your four-legged family member may react to the drugs? When you rely on the dog grooming services and pampering at a Canine Styles shop, you don’t have to make that heart-wrenching decision. We never use sedatives. Your precious pooch also is never subjected to rough handling or cage dryers —only hand-held dryers are acceptable for us.

And there’s no “back room” where we take the dogs for their dog grooming services. All stations are visible to the public, so you can stay and watch if you so desire.

Extra Perks at Canine Styles

A thorough grooming session includes nail-cutting, sanitary clips, haircut and blow dry. It takes about three hours. But you definitely don’t have to stay for the whole process! We’ll keep your dog happy until you can make it back. Better yet, our Master Groomers can bring their entire toolbox to your home if you have a small or medium-sized dog. Call ahead (at 212-472-9440) to schedule an appointment.

You can always bring in your pet for a quick shampoo and condition between full spa days. You can also purchase the great products we use at the store. Consider, for example, the Aloe Vera & Honey Dog Shampoo and conditioner for a silky, shiny coat that both you and your pooch will adore for those in-between washes.

Complement Your Dog Grooming Services in Style

Expect to find a wealth of shampoo options,  ranging from tearless puppy shampoo to convenient, hypo-allergenic, one-time use wipes for on-the-spot quick cleanups.

And when your dog is looking and feeling so incredibly good, you don’t want to take her out for a walk on the gritty New York streets without protecting her paws and natural luster with:

  • Stylish raincoats
  • Soft, heavy coats that show off her own plush coat of fur
  • Polos, tees and sweatshirts to celebrate a season or just for fun and a little extra protection
  • Boots that are a necessity even if you carry your pooch to the park
  • Carriers when the trips last a little longer
  • Healthy treats because the outer beauty your pup gets from a good grooming session begins on the inside
  • A new toy as a reward for being so good at the groomers

Treat your pooch and yourself by dropping off your four-legged buddy at Canine Styles for professional and compassionate dog grooming services. We can’t wait to get to know you and your bestie!