Six exercise tips for dog's during winter by Canine Styles

Six exercise tips for dog's during winter by Canine Styles

Six exercise tips for dog's during winter by Canine Styles

Winter time does not always provide weather that is favorable for exercising. Nevertheless, a little bit of daily exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle – for both your pet and you. Knock out both of your workouts by exercising together. Here are 6 ways to stay in shape with your pooch this winter.

Tip #1 - Fetch Races
A good ball, a long hallway, and 20 minutes of fetch can be ideal way for your pup to get exercise indoors when there is below freezing temperatures outside.
Fetch rope ball :
Tennis balls -

Tip #2 - Stair-master
Get some exercise together by simply heading to the stairway in your building! Put your pup on a leash and walk up and down the stairs for 15-20 minutes! You both will have a heart pumping good time!

Tip #3 - Doga AKA Dog Yoga
Dog yoga, often called “Doga,” is a wonderful way to stretch and relax – for both owner and dog. Practitioners of doga say it helps them to de-stress and feel connected to their pups.
Here is a video you can follow along to:

Tip # 4 - Dance Contest
Dogs love to see you dance and catch onto their humans excitement! So get up off that couch, put on a mix that you both can enjoy and dance away!!

Tip 5 - Bundle up
Walks and going to the bathroom are essential even when its freezing outside a simple solution is to Bundle up! . A good rule of thumb is If you are cold & need a coat, it is likely your dog feels the same way. Our domesticated dogs are a long way out from their hardy ancestors!

Here are a few of our warmest coats and sweaters:
·Down Puffer Coats (Pictured above) -
·Nantucket Wool Sweaters -
·Neoprene Winter Coats -
·Barn Coats -

Tip 6 - Sidewalk Advantage
If cold snow touches your dog's soft and unprotected belly, he will chill much faster. Keep to ploughed sidewalks and trails, and leave the snow jumping for shorter time periods of backyard play.

Stay warm out there!
-Mark & Canine Styles Team

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