Prepping You and Your Dog for Warm Weather

Prepping You and Your Dog for Warm Weather

Now that the warm weather has arrived, it’s time to change out the wardrobe and take stock.

Summer is lurking. Put away the scarves and find your short sleeves. Put away the winter dog boots and break out the polos. Then figure out what still fits and what needs replacing, both for you and your dog.

Cleaning it All Up for Your Pup

And while you’re sorting out clothing, you may as well review all your dog accessories, including the ones hidden in plain sight. Take a look at your dog’s bedding, for example. Long winters can be hard on dog beds. If a simple wash has failed to restore the appeal of your pet’s bed, it could be time for a change. Or an upgrade.

Canine Styles offers many beds styles and sizes. A few examples include:

Necessity Dog Accessories

Buying the basic necessities to care for your pooch can be fun! Take a good look at the dog bowls and placemats, for example. Do they reflect your pet? Do they match your décor? More importantly, do they hold the dirt, grime or saliva?

If they need to be replaced, stainless steel is an excellent option and is specifically recommended if your pup has had issues with bacterial skin infections. They’re also recommended if you’re feeding your dog a raw food diet. Check out these dog accessories:

Lead on Springtime

Hey remember winter? The cold weather and salted sidewalks can wreak havoc on leads and collars. If you’ve begun to notice cracks in the leather or if the mesh has been chewed or beginning to discolor, it’s time to replace them. And there’s no better time than now. The condition of your dog accessories keeps your dog safe as well as stylish, such as:

Out with the Old

You may overlook your selection of dog treats while doing your spring cleaning. But most have an expiration date. Although you may remember to check your fresh dog food labels, don’t forget that dry food doesn’t store indefinitely either.

Checking the dates on all of your dog’s food and treats can save you money on vet bills and spare your pet from stale products that are past their prime. After all, treats should be delicious! Try some new treats for the new season, such as:

Keeping It Clean

The right dog accessories for seasonal needs make for happier pets. But shedding is an inescapable part of being a dog. This process can be as bothersome to your pooch as it is detrimental to your home. Your clothing, furniture and flooring bear the brunt of shed pet hair, but your poor pet has to actually shed it first.

Spring can be an itchy time for your dog. Treating him to a trip to the top in New York City is an excellent way to help him through this time of transition. The master groomers at Canine Styles don’t use cage dryers or sedatives for baths or haircuts. Each animal is treated like family. A simple trim or a full-body clip doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience when a master groomer takes the time to get to know you and your dog. For your convenience, choose from three locations:

  • Flagship Spa at 830 Lexington (63rd & 64th)
  • Uptown at 1195 Lexington (81st & 82nd)
  • Westside 2231 Broadway (79th & 80th)
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