Holiday Pet Nutrition Tips

Holiday Pet Nutrition Tips

Holiday Pet Nutrition Tips

There is nothing wrong with feasting with your favorite furry pal, but it is important to know what NOT to feed your pet over the holidays

Here is a list of the basics that you should NOT share:

Chicken Bones
Meat Scrapes

Keep an eye on your dog…. They always find a way to get on tables to get to your feast when you're not looking.

They also have a way of charming your holiday guests and family members with those big puppy eyes.
Make sure everyone knows not to feed your dog. Knowing the potential harmful foods to avoid will not only keep your dogs safe, but it will also avoid the holiday pounds.

The Canine Styles team suggests the following healthy treats alternatives:

A. Flat Bully Sticks -
B. Chicken & Turkey Krakems - Dog Treat -
C. Dr Beakers - Original Beef Liver Bites -
D. Sams Yams -

Happy Holidays & Have a Safe Holiday Season!
-Mark & Canine Styles Team

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