Five Grooming Tips for Cold and Wet Months

Five Grooming Tips for Cold and Wet Months

Five Grooming Tips for Cold and Wet Months

Although dogs may be outside less in the cold months, this is no reason to reduce grooming. Their shaggy"winter coats" growing in is no protection, grooming remains just as important to keep them clean, warm and infection free! Here are five winter grooming tips to ensure a happy and healthy season in the cold:

Tip 1 - Groom
Groom consistently throughout the winter. Skipping regular grooming can lead to painful matting and discomfort, even infection. It is not only about beauty, it is about health.

See which grooming location is closest to you :

Tip 2 - Dry
Only a perfectly dry dog should be out in the cold. Regular baths are great to keep your dog clean and fresh, but always make sure the dog is completely dry before heading outside. Exposure to the cold heightened by dampness can lead to a shocking drop in body temperature and hypothermia. Stay dry and bundle up!

Dog sprays that can help maintain freshness between baths:
· Aloe Vera & Honey Waterless-
· Pooch de Pomme - Eau De Parfum -
· Le Pooch II - Conditioning Cologne -

Tip 3 - Bundle up.
Since regular haircuts should continue in the winter months, you need to make sure your dog stays warm. If you are cold & need a coat, it is likely your dog feels the same way. Our domesticated dogs are a long way out from their hardy ancestors!
A few of our most popular warm coats and sweaters:
·Down Puffer Coats (Pictured above) -
·Nantucket Wool Sweaters -
·Neoprene Winter Coats -
·Barn Coats -

Tip 4 - Moisturize.
Our skin and their skin is more alike than you may realize. During the winter months, pups can suffer from dry, chafed, and irritated skin and a nice moisturizing bath can help ease irritation from both the cold winter air and the heaters in our homes.

At Canine Styles bath walk-ins are welcome anytime before 2 PM but if you would like to bathe your dog at home here is one our favorite bathing sets:
· Warm Vanilla & Amber Shampoo –
· Warm Vanilla & Amber Conditioner –
· Warm Vanilla & Amber Spray –

Tip 5 - Brushing.
A dog’s winter coat can hide problem areas, including lumps, bumps or sores, which is a good reason to keep brushing regularly. As you brush, use your fingertips to look carefully for signs of illness. Call your veterinarian if you see anything suspicious.

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