Dog Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Dog Accessories You Can’t Live Without

As with most things worth having, not all dog accessories are created equal. And not all dog accessories are for your pooch; some (admit it) are for you. With an undying commitment to the highest quality products for the most discerning pups, Canine Styles has set the gold standard for the industry.

The products Canine Styles offers through its website and in its stores are specifically designed with both function and fashion in mind. Even if you believe your dog doesn’t care, the accessories you own says as much about you as your dog. As we cycle from spring to summer, there’s no better time to review your collection, make sure everything still works, still fits and still looks great. For your dog and for you!

An Eye for Essentials

When you and your pup hit the scene, whether it’s at the dog park or on a visit with friends, be certain you hit it with style. Never be afraid to turn heads and get noticed. You don’t want to be remembered for having an old, dirty or tattered lead when heading for a playdate at the park with friends. Time for new accessories! Here are a few sets of dog accessories that are guaranteed, puppy pleasers:

  • An English Classic Braided Step-In Harness is an all-in-one utilitarian dream. Its classic look complements its simplistic sophistication. The easy step-in design ensures that this lead is just as functional as it is fun. And the braided quality leather never goes out of style.
  • The Canine Styles newly-introduced line of Martingale Collars is as useful as it is attractive. These tried-and-tested training collars are perfect for putting willful and excitable dogs through their paces. The added control teaches you both how to take less stressful strolls. The supple leather is complemented by soft shearling that lends a degree of canine comfort to your training sessions.
  • If your pooch is too prissy to damage her fresh pedi, tote her around town like the VIP she is. You can never go wrong with a Couture Alligator Tote to turn heads at any occasion. These bags are custom-made with your discerning doggie in mind. If Alligator is not your style, check out our Carriers section, where we have many styles to choose from.
  • Keep a low profile for your pup while you’re out running errands and dodging paparazzi. Both you and your pup will love the functional and fly Canvas Sling Pouch.  It’s available in eight hot colors. These bags are the epitome of cool, with a single-shoulder, cross-body design. They’re the most fun, and most comfortable, dog accessories on the planet. 

Be Prepared for All Occasions

The weather can’t hamper your style. And it sure doesn’t stop your day. All-weather dog accessories are an essential element of your doggie’s wardrobe. There’s nothing worse than washed-up fashions on dreary days. Brighten your dog’s life with some fun, such as:

  • Don’t get bogged down by muddy days. Highstep through those puddles with the functional fashion of these affordable, all-season Boots by Poochie.  Lightweight and non-slip, these boots are made from water-resistant material and feature a PVC sole.
  • Keep the rain at bay and away from your pup’s clean, soft fur in colors just as fresh as the season in one of Canine Styles’ signature Waxed Plaid Raincoats.  The classic appeal of plaid is timeless. And with such a wide range of colors,  you’re sure to find the one that speaks to your soul.
  • When bad weather persists, nature still calls. Help daintier dogs navigate the mire without having to get any dirtier than absolutely necessary. The ease and function of a Travel Dog Stroller is an asset even outside of airport terminals.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Every time you walk into your home, you deserve to be greeted with the sights and sounds you love. All the unique details that reflect your personality elevate a simple living space into the place you call your own. Your dog deserves no less. Help your pooch incorporate distinctive details that define her space and declare her home, such as:

  • Bring a sense of the great outdoors inside with one of these fun, stylish and sturdy Canvas Dog Teepees.  These canvas structures are perfect if you have kids; they’ll love the idea!
  • Family dinners are a special time. No true puppy of privilege should suffer the indignity of a bowl shoved in a corner on the floor of your kitchen. Give your pup an entire place setting of her very own. Recycled Rubber Placemats are as environmentally friendly as they are a posh complement to your dining room.

When it comes to dog accessories you can’t live without, you’ll find them all by reviewing the Canine Styles website or browsing one the stores. To stay on top of the latest products and best deals, subscribe to our texts and emails.  You’ll always have access to the latest, most earth- and dog-friendly clothes, carriers, treats and dog accessories available.

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