Breaking Stereotypes: 5 Reasons Small Dogs Are Awesome Companions

Breaking Stereotypes: 5 Reasons Small Dogs Are Awesome Companions

If you're looking for a new companion to share your life with, expand your criteria to include small dogs. Small dogs sometimes get the short end of the stick due to the stereotype that they are snappy and poorly behaved. In reality, small dogs are just regular dogs in a little package. Small dogs make excellent pets and depending on your lifestyle, they might be the right choice for you.

1) Great for Apartment and Travel

If you live in an apartment, a small dog can make an excellent companion. It can be difficult to rent with larger breeds, but many apartments have no problem accepting dogs under a certain weight limit. Bringing a smaller dog into your family can eliminate the stress of scrambling to find a new place to live. Small dogs are also easy to travel with. They can fit under the seat of a plane and do not need to ride in cargo. Their size also makes them perfect if you drive a sedan or need to use public transport.

2) Convenient Hiking Partners

Hiking is an activity all dogs can enjoy. Small dogs actually have the benefit over larger dogs here. If there is an accident on the trail and your dog is injured, a small dog can easily be carried back to the car. They can also be placed into a backpack if they decide it's time for a nap halfway through the hike. For rocky trails and dangerous walkways, you can easily help your dog through. Don't worry about their stamina either; many small breeds have plenty of energy and with a little conditioning should have no trouble keeping up with you.

3) Lower Food Bills

The price of dog food can add up over time. Small dogs generally eat under half the amount of food that larger dogs require. Down the road, lower food bills will save you a significant amount of money. If keeping a tight budget is a concern of yours, consider a small dog that requires less calories each day.

4) Versatility

Small dogs generally adjust their activity level to match their owners. If you like to go jogging and explore trails, a small dog would be happy to keep you company. If you'd rather stay in and go for a short walk in the evenings, a little dog is also a fit. This will prove to be a great benefit on the weeks you're swamped with work and don't have much time for exercise. Larger dogs that demand activity may become bored and act out. A small dog will be content taking a little break.

5) Companionship

The majority of small dog breeds were bred for companionship. Their primary goal in life is to spend time with their owner and enjoy pet life. Companion breeds are especially beneficial for people that crave interaction, but don't have time to adequately fulfill the needs of larger working breeds. If you want an affectionate dog that adores you, smaller breeds will fit the bill.

With proper training and socialization, a small dog makes the perfect family pet. Their size is convenient when renting, traveling, and exploring outdoors. In addition to decades of breeding for companionship, small dogs are more suited to the lifestyle most people live nowadays compared to larger breeds.

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