2019 Halloween Costumes Update

2019 Halloween Costumes Update

By now, it’s no news that you can take your doggie with you when you go trick-or-treating or to a big Halloween costume party. It’s the one day of the year when just about anything goes! And it’s even more exciting when your dog joins you. Since superheroes are big this year, dress alike in matching Wonder Woman costumes, or be the life of the party as duo Iron Mens or Captain Americas.

Halloween is a chance for you to include your pooch in the most creative frenzy over 2019 Halloween costumes. Dressing up your dog for Halloween has become a nationwide craze. And with Canine Styles’ 2019 Halloween costumes and accessories, you can find fun options that fit your style and tickle your funny bone.

When you dress up your dog for the holiday, though, make sure he’s comfortable and safe. Don’t make him wear restrictive duds or force him to don a costume that he constantly tries to shed. While you may both look adorable as you take those fun Halloween pictures, make sure your four-legged partner is enjoying himself too!

All Eyes on the Prize for the Best 2019 Halloween Costumes

Most dogs love being the center of attention. And who doesn’t enjoy bringing home the grand prize for originality? Whether you’re throwing your own monster mash or skipping out on the town together, you and your dog will enjoy all the extra attention that the 2019 Halloween costumes bring your way. Consider these new 2019 Halloween costumes that are sure to become fast favorites:

  • Make October 31, 2019 Taco Thursday with your playful pup dressed as the main event as a walking taco that everyone wants to pet.
  • Your favorite little girl will stun them as the perfect bride (or the Bride of Barkenstein) in this little chenille number.
  • A pineapple pooch? Why not? There’s nothing sweeter or sassier that you’ll find anywhere. Who can resist?
  • The Halloween crowds will eat up this little guy when the short order cook hollers “Cheeseburger, cheeseburger.”

Keep them guessing with 2019 Halloween costumes that are sure to please. Is that a dog or a donkey? And who said there’s a monkey in our midst? And are you seeing this right — an orange stegosaurus among us at the Jurassic dog park?

But Play It Safe

While you’re enjoying kudos for the costumes, keep the safety of your dog and others a primary concern. If there’s any chance your dog’s aggressive toward children or other pets, keep them all safely separated. And when it comes to candy for your dog — just say no. Halloween is a dangerous holiday for your best bud if he gobbles up any sweets offered by a well-meaning trick-or-treater.

Few dogs have self-control when it comes to food. Most gorge themselves on anything they can get. As a result, there’s a sharp increase in calls to veterinarians and pet poison centers during this season. Instead, have yummy treats ready.

Keep It Out of Reach!

Don’t leave candy or even small treats — such as raisins, grapes or other human goodies — where your dog can reach them. Dogs ingest candy — and even decorations! Keep your pup safe from:

  • Chocolate. Chocolate of any type is toxic to dogs. While a small amount may only cause diarrhea or vomiting, a large amount of chocolate can lead to internal bleeding, seizures or a heart attack. Small dogs are sensitive even to very small amounts of chocolate, including the small bits of chocolate in chocolate chip cookies.
  • Dark chocolate. This type of chocolate is especially dangerous to your dog. Keep it off the floor and away from your pet.
  • Wrapped candy. Eating wrapped candy, with the wrappers still on, can lead to intestinal blockages. Most candies aren’t good for your dog’s health anyway.
  • Sugar-free candies. Some of these candies contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs. Keep it away from your little pal.

Watch out for decorations too. Candle-lit jack-o-lanterns, electrical cords and paper streamers pose potential dangers if you don’t keep a careful eye on your pooch. Dogs love to chew, so dangling costume pieces, rubber eyeballs, fake blood and glow sticks may look mighty tempting to your little guy.

Simple Costume Ideas

If your dog pushes back when you try to put on a full-blown costume, consider some simpler alternatives. After all, a costume doesn’t have to be elaborate to be effective. Remember when a bedsheet turned you into a ghost? Some simple but fun 2019 Halloween costumes for your pup include:

Bring It On with the Best 2019 Halloween Costumes

If you have kids, there’s almost nothing they like more than dressing up with their four-legged family member. So pull out all the stops! Find the right doggie costume and then focus your creative spirit on finding similar outfits for your children. Kids and adults alike can partner and parlay their creative juices with these fun costumes made to make your 2019 Halloween memorable:

Find all these 2019 Halloween costumes and more for your pooch at Canine Styles. Located in New York City but available everywhere online, Canine Styles is where style and practicality meet to ensure you and your family — including all your four-legged family members — enjoy each and every holiday safely. Enjoy the season!