• Ceramic Treat Jar | Dog Jar | "Woof"

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Ceramic Treat Jar | Dog Jar | "Woof"

Your house isn’t a home without your pets. Your life would be incomplete without them. They touch your heart and shower you with the single-minded devotion that only a doggie can. You would do anything for your pets to make them happy, which is why you maintain an arsenal of dog treats! You wouldn’t dare hide their treats away in shame. So pull them from your cabinets and bring them into the light! It’s time your doggie’s accomplishments get noticed!

Style isn’t even in question when it comes to the White Woof Collection. Not only is the high-end ceramic beautifully glazed, but the container is embossed with the word “WOOF” while the lid is crowned with a skillfully crafted puppy serving as the handle.

The White Woof Ceramic Dog Jar is available in two sizes:

  • Small Treat Jar measures 7 1/2" tall and is 4 1/2" in diameter.
  • Medium Treat Jar measures 10" tall and is 6" in diameter.

One of Canine Styles White Woof Ceramic Dog Bowls is the perfect complement to this treat jar. Especially since they were custom designed to be companion pieces. And absolutely any of the brightly printed blankets, beds or mats like Canine Styles Provence Crate Dog Mat from designer blankets and mats collection will add stunning contrast to simplistic beauty.