• Canine Styles | Navy or Red Sunburst Pattern | Dog Bed
  • Canine Styles | Navy or Red Sunburst Pattern | Dog Bed

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Canine Styles | Navy or Red Sunburst Pattern | Dog Bed

This nesting bed is the finest bed your hound will ever sleep in!

Trendy and snuggly — what a super combination! The navy and red sunburst pattern on these brushed cotton beds is perfectly suited for you and your pup when you share a classic and lighthearted style. The look is trendy but won’t ever go out of fashion. The fabric is quality. And the filling won’t lose its shape — it’s a lasting design that looks great in your home and keeps your pup comfortable for years to come.

Because the comfort and style of your best friend’s lair is important to you, these luxury beds are available in both navy and red. With two classic colors to choose from, either is perfect for your preppy pup.

These sunburst beds leave your pet rested and energized because it’s the finest dog bed your pup will ever experience. The nesting design means there’s plush rims surrounding your pooch as he snoozes — ensuring he’s being nestled in the curled comfort that comes natural to him. Wrap your pooch up in a Blanket in Corduroy w/Faux Fur Lining for an extra cuddly nap.

With sizes ranging from 28" to 36" in diameter, these brushed cotton beds are perfect for your pup of pedigree for years to come, and we just don’t mean dog years. The 100% brushed cotton slipcover is removable for easy washing and durability that won’t fade.

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