• Mexicana Pattern | Treat Jar |  Dog Jar

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Mexicana Pattern | Treat Jar | Dog Jar

This brilliantly colored treat dog jar is absolutely counter-worthy. You’ll never want to hide it out-of-sight in some darkened corner. Shed light on your dog’s goods and goodies. When you showcase their treat jar, you show the world just what a wonderful dog you have! Any good boy or girl is delighted for the praise shown by the hand-painted high-quality of this unforgettable jar. Your intellectual pooch will recognize treat-time each time you open the lid!

Like the Leopard Ceramic Treat Jar, the Mexicana Treat Jar is also one-of-a kind, unique from one another by the subtle differences of their hand-painted details. This treat jar is a striking addition to your home and can single-handedly spruce up a boring space and revitalize dull décor! All of Canine Styles high-end lines function even better than they look.

The Mexicana Treat Jar is available in two sizes:

  • Small Treat Jar measures 7 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" in diameter.
  • Medium Treat Jar measures 10" tall x 6" in diameter.

The Mexicana Blue and White Bowl makes for a stunning set that your neighbor’s dogs are sure to envy. Filling their treat jar with safe, healthy, delicious treats like, Sam’s Yams Sweet Potato Fries is bound to please even the pickiest pooch!