• Leopard Bowl | Ceramic Bowl | Dog Bowl

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Leopard Bowl | Ceramic Bowl | Dog Bowl

So, while the leopard isn’t exactly the king of the jungle, your puppy probably rules your household. It’s only natural that you’d want to serve his meals in the most posh designer dog bowl that Canine Styles has to offer. This high fashion ceramic bowl is stylish enough to suit the palate of even the choosiest, furry fashionista. This Leopard Ceramic Bowl is bold and elegant at the same time. Which only proves that you don’t have to sacrifice flare for class.

Animal prints are not a cheap fad or passing trend. They are rocked around the world! The painting on this bowl is exquisite and Canine Styles paid attention to every detail, including the adorable paw print painted in the center. Your pup may even give you a high-five for purchasing the coolest dog bowl on the market!

The Small Round Dish measures 5 1/2" in diameter and is 3" deep. The Medium Round Dish measures 8" in diameter and is 4 1/2" deep. You can set either size off if you pair it with the Leopard Ceramic Treat Jar or let your pup remain true to her sense of style by carrying her through the busy day in a Leopard Cargo Carrier from our designer and Luxury dog carrier collection.