• Leopard Cargo Carrier
  • Leopard Cargo Carrier

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Leopard Cargo Carrier

These easy-to-clean nylon totes are simple, sleek and made for every occasion.

With long leather straps, leather detailed pockets, and mesh side windows, the cargo carrier is perfect for travel and leisure. It has a zip top with strategically placed magnetic snaps, allowing your dog to sit up and enjoy the sights and sounds right along with you.

The 13" bag holds up to 5 lbs, the 15" bag holds up to 8 lbs and the 17" bag holds up to 12 lbs.

Meets most airline travel bag regulations.

An exclusive Canine Styles product!


13 Inch: 13" L, 9" H, 5" W

15"Inch: 15" L, 10" H, 6" W

17" Inch: 17" L, 11" H, 6" W

19" Inch: 19" L, 11" H, 6" W

19 Inch Double: 19" L, 11" H, 10" W