• Soft Faux Fur - Leopard Blanket - Dog Blanket

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Soft Faux Fur - Leopard Blanket - Dog Blanket

This is not some flimsy throw with a few black spots splattered here and there. The plush faux fur screams decadence, and the attention to detail in the realistic leopard print is indicative of the quality in every Canine Styles product. At a generous 20” by 26,” this is the perfect blanket for home or on the go.

This Canine Styles exclusive stands alone as a bold pop of contrast in your elegant home decor, but if you’re ready to really go wild, you simply must hunt down the coordinating luxury nesting dog beds, bowls and treat containers. Of course, at the end of the day, it all comes down to luxury and comfort. When you tuck your sweet canine companion in with this blanket, you’ll see that underneath the ferocious spots, this blanket is nothing but cozy, posh, cloud-soft perfection.

Canine Styles Exclusive!


26 inch x 20 inch