• Dog Bowl | Le Bon Chien | Pet Bowl

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Dog Bowl | Le Bon Chien | Pet Bowl

Truly a thing of beauty, this vintage Parisian Bowl is sure to be your pooch’s prized possession. Your dog isn’t just any dog. Your dog is worldly and well-traveled. Your dog has culture and class. She’s seen the finer things in life and has high expectations for her accessories. This bowl is definitely fit for a queen (or king) at court, so it will be at home in your castle. No royal pup can turn their nose at this dish!

This exquisite ceramic bowl from designer dog bowl collection is so couture it even speaks French. That’s right; it’s adorned with the French phrase, “Le Bon Chien” which translates to, “the good dog.” And what dog is better than yours? Every time your pooch licks his bowl clean, he will be reminded of just how much you love him. And that constant reminder of you is priceless to your pooch!

The Le Bon Chien Dog Bowl measures 6 1/2" in diameter and will hold up to two cups of the finest French cuisine or even a healthy dose of Sam’s Yams Sweet Potato Fries from Canine Styles.

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