• Dog Sweater - Wool, Cranberry, Blue, White
  • Dog Sweater - Wool, Cranberry, Blue, White

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Dog Sweater - Wool, Cranberry, Blue, White

Of course having a dog sweater that works on an everyday basis is great and all, but for those days when you want your pup to look his very best, a fun special occasion dog sweater can be just as important. These great wool dog sweaters will be great for stylish family brunches early in the year for holidays like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or Easter.

Little boys and girls who enjoy vibrant pastels that catch as much attention as they do will love prancing around in this dog sweater. In sizes 8" to 18", all precious furballs will be able to revel in the adoration that comes with a dog sweaters of this caliber. Count on a great fit with our measuring guidelines too.

A long day of some springtime activity should be followed by an equally lovely sleep. With the beautifully patterned Toile Onyx Pattern Dog Mattress, your pet will love sleeping in this bed that makes its own statement when paired with the pop of color dog sweater.

For those holidays when you don’t know quite what to get for your pet, it’s always smart to go with treats. For a cute spring-themed special treat, give your canine the My Doggy Soft Cookies. Although the dog sweater is gift enough, these cookies ensure your canine feels included while you’re snacking on all your special holiday fare.

Hand-made of 100% pure wool and available in a variety of fresh colors and textures, these sweaters will make a great addition to your baby's wardrobe.

Our Vineyard Knit dog sweater provides your pet with the perfect combination of softness and warmth. Made to fit comfortable, warming your pet in all the right places. Hand wash with Woolite, lay flat to dry.

Great looking worn under the Canine Styles Horse Blanket Coat for those really cold days!  

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