• Dog Coat - Raincoat, Waxed Red Tartan
  • Dog Coat - Raincoat, Waxed Red Tartan
  • Dog Coat - Raincoat, Waxed Red Tartan

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Dog Coat - Raincoat, Waxed Red Tartan

This red tartan dog raincoat keeps your beloved pooch warm and dry. Gents and gentle ladies alike can swagger and swish, romp and run or just take their sweet time. Once you wrap your spirited pup in the cotton-lined, waxed red tartan raincoat, there’s no stopping your bestie girl from taking to the streets in any way that suits her style. And the boys will either lead, follow or get out of the way.

Red tartan is a traditional classic. Any canine lucky enough to sport the tartan will strut about, head high. Plus, it’s a breeze for you to snap on with snug Velcro closures. Even when showers pop up suddenly, you’re prepared. And you’ll get the best, snug fit when you rely on the chart on this page and the measuring guide available.

Ensure that your pup stays even warmer with a cashmere dog sweater in a matching or contrasting color under the dog coat. Acknowledge your majesty’s lineage with a personally engraved dog collar made of beautifully braided red-dyed leather. The gold nameplate perfectly adds to the overall ambiance of the red tartan style.

Sold out - 14",16",18",20",24",26"

Holly the Lab is wearing a 26" Dog Raincoat. Katie the Border Terrier is wearing a 14" Dog Raincoat.

Note - Dogs range in all different, size, shape, and weights.. this chart is here to help make a decision on what size you should pick. If you have more questions please ask on one of our social media channels, or call into a store (location page)

Size Weight Dog Examples

8 inch

3 to 4 lbs. Chihuahua
10 inch 5 to 7 lbs. Maltese, Yorkie
12 inch 7 to 12 lbs. Pomerania
14 inch 13 to 16 lbs. Border Ter, Westie
16 inch 17 to 25 lbs. Boston Ter, Scottish Ter
18 inch 26 to 33 lbs. Corgi
20 inch 35 to 45 lbs. Eaten Ter, Springer Spaniel
22 inch 50 to 60 lbs Standard Eskimo, Basset Hound
24 inch 60 to 70 lbs. Lab, Boxer
26 inch 75 to 85 lbs. Golden, Gordon Setter
28 inch 90 to 100 lbs Bernese Mountain, Bloodhound