• Dog Sweater - Cashmere SALE - Green Argyle Dog Sweaters

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Dog Sweater - Cashmere SALE - Green Argyle Dog Sweaters

If your dog can shake hands with the best of ‘em, roll over on the first command, and “sit” and “stay” in his sleep, this addition to the cashmere line is for him! The collegiate Green Argyle sweater is made for Ivy League pups who know quality beats quantity any day! With this dog sweater, there will be no doubting that your little furball is the smartest in the room.

Any cerebral canine will also become one heck of a smart dresser with this tenure-worthy cashmere. This sweater can fit dogs of all shapes, coming in 8" to 18". Perfect for a jam-packed day of puppy training classes or a quiet day spent nestled in a reading nook, there will never be a dull moment with this luxury dog sweater. For the smart and sensible dog who’s always nailing his tricks, the Mexicana Pattern Treat Dog Jar stores the many yummy treats your smart boy or girl will inevitably get.

Of course, any true intellectual can’t function without their coffee! Since your dog can’t enjoy coffee in the same way us humans can, try out the adorable Starbucks Coffee Dog Toy. With this, your pup will never feel left out when you’re trying to work on your screenplay or other caffeine fueled creative endeavors.

Sizes 10" , 16"  & 18" available only.  Very Few Left!!!

Katie the Border Terrier is wearing a 14" sweater and weighs 15lbs.