• Dog Sweater - CS - Buttermilk Red Dog Sweaters
  • Dog Sweater - CS - Buttermilk Red Dog Sweaters

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Dog Sweater - CS - Buttermilk Red Dog Sweaters

For those weekends when you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of crazy city life and hike up to your favorite ski lodge, having the perfect lodge lounge wear should be a given. If your weekend backpack is stocked with parkas, durable boots, and luxurious scarves, doesn’t your most loyal companion deserve a little bit of that too?

This buttermilk red dog sweater is a part of the luxury dog sweater collection.

This vibrant buttermilk red dog sweater is the perfect slight nod to tribal sensibilities mixed with classic American patterns. Prancing around the lodge in this ensemble will get the message across to everyone loud and clear, “move over ski bunnies, it’s time for the ski puppy!”

The wide range of colors in this sweater means that you will never have to worry if his outfit matches what you’re wearing. Everybody knows there is truly no better accessory than an adorable pooch on your hip! To look out for clashing, however, the Classic Flat Leather Dog Collar will complement and balance out the busy pattern of this dog sweater quite nicely.

For those weekend trips up to the highlands, the Travel Dog Bowl will become an absolute necessity. The collapsible, travel friendly water bowl complements this jet-setting sweater just perfectly.

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