• Festive Tree Cookie Pack - Holiday Cookies

Festive Tree Cookie Pack - Holiday Cookies

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This is a diverse pack of the most festive cookies money can buy! It's a perfect gift for any holiday party you and your little guy attend this season. Made with the best pup-safe ingredients, these treats will have your furry family member salivating on Christmas morn. Watch him tear the package open and do more than just rock around the Christmas tree!

How to Measure Your Dog:

Height: Measure from the floor to the shoulder.

Back/Length: Measure from the nape of the neck (where the collar falls) to the base of the tail.

Weight: Should not exceed maximum weight as per the size chart (if applicable).

Neck/Collar: Collars are measured by the length of the collar as shown below. Collars typically have 4-5 holes. The collar will fit best if your dog's neck measurement lines up with the middle hole.

Soft measuring tapes work best when measuring your pet!!

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